Liftmaster MT5011U Review

Liftmaster MT5011U Review

Liftmaster MT5011U is one of the best additions in the garage door openers by Liftmaster as it is the best fit for commercial use. This one, unlike others, directly uses the meaning of the brand name which means it actually lifts the garage door. It lifts up to 14 feet and hence, workshops and industries can install this without much thought as it will do their job just nicely!

So, if you are finally looking to make your workplace more automated or the gates of your big house more convenient for a smart house then don’t wait up and buy Liftmaster MT5011U now!

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The small, rectangular and sleek body of this garage door opener adjusts on the ceiling so that it can easily lift the garage door. It has a long rail and rods that will do the main function. Furthermore, there is an integrated circuit board present with this garage door opener.

Then there is a three buttoned remote control which is quite a signature part of garage door openers by Liftmaster. There is also an installation of commercial photo eyes, this one part is the main component for any garage door opener that has to be installed in an industrial area.


Some of the important and highlighted features are listed below:

Firstly, the motor that comes in this lifting garage door opener is 1/2 HP and 115V single phase motor that explains the strength of the door lifter. However, it might make some noise which isn’t that much of concern mainly because it is for commercial purposes. Secondly, there is an automatic reverse system in this garage door opener that is mainly for the better working of the garage door and also the safety of the people and things around. So, if there is anything present in the way the door will not close.

There is C2 wiring which comes with Liftmaster MT5011U garage door opener as it ticks all the right boxes for the safety concerns. The rail of this garage door is quite strong considering that it has to lift heavier doors. The entire package isn’t that much of a hassle to install. Further, the door has a time-to-close feature which means that after a few seconds of inactivity the door will close itself. This feature is quite important on the business side where every minute impacts the efficiency of the work. The commercial photo eyes are basically the security providing sensors that are best for commercial use. They are of the CPS-U model. The control circuit that is present with Liftmaster MT5011U is 24V NEC Class 2 control circuit.

The added commercial features include a single button control apart from the remote control to provide the efficiency to handle the door with just one button. And to protect the garage door from any damage they also have an interlock that disables the center circuit control when the door is locked.

Below is the compilation of all the technical features present in Liftmaster MT5011U.

Technical Features:

  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • 115 Volts
  • NEC Class
  • C2 Wiring
  • CPS-U Commercial Photo Eyes
  • Remote Control
  • Auto-reverse of the door
  • Automated lock after inactivity
  • Protection against over-voltage

These are some of the highlighted features of this garage door that are a must-have in any garage door responsible for business and industries. So, if you have just started a large scale business you need to buy Liftmaster MT5011U now!

  • Auto-reverse is present
  • Time-to-close feature
  • Interlock present
  • Notifies for repairmen
  • Manual for an emergency.
  • Need professional installation


If you are here to search for something that will aid your business side then Liftmaster MT5011U is the best pick. As it is for the business use even the price isn’t as much as other garage door openers for the same use. Moreover, it provides all the needed features for security and safety. Don’t wait up and buy Liftmaster MT5011U now.

Liftmaster is not only the name but also it also lift the doors to such height which none of their competitors provides. Liftmaster MT5011U can lift up the doors up to 14 feet high which is really marvelous as others can lift hardly up to 10 feet.

Not just it offers such height but also it offers the 12 cycles per hour system. There are many other great things due to which many people have given positive reviews.

Liftmaster MT5011U Review is all about the best features and amazement which Liftmaster provides.

It has such bushings which are known as to be heavy duty because they are filled with oil. The working of this piece is system is awesome indeed.

It has a remote which has three buttons. And you can Open/ Start/ Stop along with the 3 push buttons easily. It is not much complex and performs the work equally.

Moreover, it can also be programmed if you want to some cycles and then it can operate during such cycles. It can also notify you for the maintenance when it comes the time of maintenance just in case if you have forgotten about the maintenance.

It comes with accessories which are required to operate the device. It can work manual or automatic depending on the way you use it.

Pros of Liftmaster MT5011U

Many people have given the positive reviews to Liftmaster MT5011U. Find out below that Liftmaster MT5011U Review should be positive:

  1. It has a timer to close which can be programmed according to your desire. It can be closed easily if you set the time.
  2. It is immersed with the best radio technology. The security system of this device is also really great.
  3. It can even notify a person that when it needs to be repaired and when it is the time of maintenance.
  4. It also provides a manual which can work during the time of emergency by disconnecting the system.

Cons of Liftmaster MT5011U

Along with the good aspects, there are some bad aspects about Liftmaster MT5011U. Find out below that why Liftmaster garage door openers should be bad:

  1. It doesn’t come with a chain rail.
  2. Installation can be typical for a new person.
  3. To know about all the features one needs to read all the details.

Final Verdict of Liftmaster MT5011U

When you have viewed both the sides then it is totally up to you that either you buy or not. However, it comes with the best features such as automatically close the door with time. Even you can find that it has Nema 1 type electrical box which means that it can offer best electrically. It can work with 230V and also with the 115 V. You will find it useful in all regards and ways. It is really the best choice if you want to have the best garage door opener. This is the device which can operate well and which can offer you best services. Amazed features of Liftmaster MT5011U tend a person to give positive Liftmaster MT5011U Review. When you will use it you will also give a positive review.

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