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Liftmaster 8557 ReviewThere are many Liftmaster garage door openers on the market. You should always read the most trusted reviews online before you buy one for your home.

The Liftmaster is one of the most reliable brands which you can trust. The brand manufactures various models of garage door openers. Most of these garage door openers have similar features but with slight differences.

If you want to buy a small garage door opener by Liftmaster, then consider buying one of the Elite series models. The Liftmaster Elite Series 8557 is an excellent choice, and it has excellent features.

It is the best Chamberlain Liftmaster Elite Series Garage Door Opener you will find on the market. It is an excellent choice for the home.

It has great power and also runs smoothly for a long time. Here is a detailed review of the Liftmaster 8557 garage door opener.

Design and features of Liftmaster 8557

The garage door opener is quite compact. It has a standard design which makes it easy for installation and moving around the belt to control the door. The elite series 8557w has an AC Motor instead of a DC Motor. The AC motor may not be quite as compared to the DC motor on other models of the elite series, but it certainly offers more power. It allows quick operation for opening and closing the door. So, if you want a fast working garage door opener, you should choose the Liftmaster model 8557. The only difference between 8557 and 8557w is that the “w” model has WiFi on it. With this motor, the unit can easily lift 550 pounds. You can install the lift master professional series garage door openers for gatehouse style doors, wooden doors, steel, and sectional doors.

Another thing which you will like about this model is the light bulbs. It has 2 x 100-watt bulbs on either side of the unit. The lights automatically turn on when you open the door and turn off after 5 minutes. So, you do not have to worry about using more power. This Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is also energy efficient. It consumes only 1 watt on standby and also has an enhanced CFL mode. It is why this model is the best garage door opener for the money.

You can see all the best garage door openers to pick your favorite model.

The Liftmaster’s elite series 8557 also has a unique battery backup feature. You will be glad to know that now you can operate the garage door opener even when you do not have power. It is a great feature for emergencies. Many people find it hard to open the door when there is no power. With this garage door opener, you have a battery which backs it up for 40 times use.

The elite series of Liftmaster garage door openers also comes with timer-to-close function. Read the Liftmaster 8557 manual carefully to know how it works. With this feature, you can set the timer to close the door automatically if you forget to close it. You can set the timer from 1 to 99 minutes using the digital smart control panel.

Technical Specifications

  • Security + 2.0 for added security
  • Drive system: MY Q ® Belt drive technology
  • Remote controlled garage lock
  • Power: 3/4HP 120 VAC motor
  • Timer to close
  • Battery backup
  • Wi-Fi enabled


  • The Liftmaster 3 4 hp belt drive makes it a quiet unit. The belt drive mechanism is always a good choice for your home. So, if you want to buy the garage door opener only for home use, make sure that you buy this model.
  • The MY Q technology allows it to be more effective. With this feature you can communicate to the garage doors using the MY Q enabled devices. You can control the lights, and the door from any internet enabled a device which uses MY Q app. To do that you will need to use the LiftMaster Internet Gateway Accessory Model 828LM.
  • The Liftmaster Elite Series comes with some great and effective security features. With these security features, your garage door is virtually impossible to hack. You will be glad to know that this uses the standard Liftmaster Security 2.0 which uses billions of codes and every time the garage door opens it changes the code. It makes it impossible for the hackers to hack the code.
  • Another great security feature you will like on this model is the safety infrared beam. It also has the emergency quick release feature. It has a down safety reverse option. It means that the door will go back up if it notices anything between the door and the surface. It also has maintenance alert systems.  This unit has a high-end PosiLock system for extra protection. With this system, the door will automatically go into a lock mode if someone tries to force open.
  • This garage door opener also has a three-button remote control. It means that you can now control three garage doors with a single remote. With the programmable digital smart control panel, you can easily control the working of your gorge door.


  • You will find it hard to get any disadvantage on this model except that it may be a bit pricey. The unit itself is not expensive, but the extras which you need to buy along with the unit add up more cost. For example, to use the Smartphone app and control the garage door using your Smartphone you need MyQ Internet Gateway. You will have to purchase the MyQ Internet Gateway to use this feature. So, the unit is feature rich, but these features come at a cost.

Final Verdict of Liftmaster 8557 Review

It is the abundance of security features which makes this Liftmaster model 8557 a great choice. Make sure that you buy this garage door opener as it is also one of the most affordable and best garage door opener on the market. Another reason to buy this unit is the energy savings. This unit saves a lot of money for your home as it saves energy when it is in standby mode.

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