Liftmaster 3265-267 Review

Liftmaster 3265-267 Review

If you are looking for something extremely affordable and perfect for your house then Liftmaster 3265-267 is the right choice. This is one of the best Liftmaster garage door openers for single garage houses. For someone who is investing in garage door openers for the first time with not much idea about what to choose and what not to choose this one, the list should be your pick. 

Liftmaster is the company that has been designing premium as well as economical garage door openers for a while now. And as it is a product of a well-known garage door opener designing brand the quality and durability of this product are both good. So don’t wait and buy this one now!


The main body of the motor is square/oval-shaped and white in color with black in the center. The name of the brand with the motor type is identified on the sides. The design makes it quite easy to install especially if it is the first garage door opener that you have got. The second thing to note in its design is the chain drive that will open and close the door. The rails are efficient enough to lift up a moderate residential garage door without much difficulty. Apart from chain drive and motor, there is also a remote that is present to control the functioning of the garage door.

The best thing about this garage door opener is that it has 200 watts lights. So if you are returning late you don’t need to light up your house and wake everyone up. The lights present on the device can do the work for you. There is also a remote control to operate the garage door opener along with a control panel to provide needed effectiveness in the job. 

Here are some of the important features of Liftmaster 3265-267.


Starting up with the features it has an AC motor with 1/2 HP power that is suitable mainly for houses with one garage. It can easily lift Aluminum gates. Moreover, there is a chain drive in this garage door opener that will provide the needed proficiency and strength. The installation process is also quite easy.  Next comes the light that is a much-needed feature especially when there is no light present. These lights can easily be replaced without much problem. 

Moreover, there is a safety sensor present that is a remarkable feature coming at this price. So when the door is about to close sensor identifies the presence of any object or any other obstacle. And it stops the door from closing this feature saves from the accident from occurring. For security purposes, the device keeps on updating the security algorithm so that any intrusion can be avoided. It protects your house from any sort of theft and burglary. Posi-lock makes sure the door stays closed when the garage door is closed. Lastly, the presence of remote control helps in controlling the device and saves you from extra struggle and power exertion.

Now, here are all the main technical features that you can expect in Liftmaster 3265-267.

Technical Features:

  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Type: AC
  • Remote Control is present
  • Chain drive 
  • Safety Sensors present
  • 2.0+ Security
  • Posi-lock enabled
  • 200W Light present
  • Easy installation
  • The multifunction control panel is present

These are the top and most highlighted technicalities that are present in this garage door opener. Being extremely economical it can be your first step to a smart house and a smarter living. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy this garage door opener now!

  • It has lights present.
  • Control Panel Present
  • Electrical coding
  • Lightweight
  • A bit louder


Even this one con isn’t enough to push you away. Especially if you are someone who is deciding on installing a garage door opener for the first time then this can be your first step. It is easy to install and provides all the basic features that you will need in a garage door opener. More than that it is quite easy on the pocket as well. Being the product of Liftmaster there is also a warranty that you get with the product. So, don’t worry and install this garage door opener now!


Liftmaster is performing have best garage door opener in the field of garage openers.

Along with Liftmaster 3265-267, you can access to a multi range optional garage door opener. It is the great piece by the Liftmaster and it offers a wide range of options.

It can offer the manual input if you want to use it by yourself. Moreover, it also offers an option to change the look electronically. Along with the enhanced and updated technology you can easily change the code.

You can now electronically program the security code and it will work in accordance with your desire.

It works really great and it has power head Quick-ConnectTM terminals for normal usage. You can use it in the manner you want it is the product based on multiple options. In addition to that, you can access to the parts easily. When it comes to installation then you will see that it is really easier to install. It has 1/2 HP premium heavy-duty motor which will enable the working in the best possible manner. You will find many other features such as the speed, security, power saving with this device. Most of the people give positive reviews for this product. You should be familiar with the reasons that why people give positive reviews on best liftmaster garage door openers. Find out below the pros and cons of this marvelous product.

Pros of LiftMaster 3265-267

It has been observed that it has the highest positive reviews. To know about the Liftmaster 3265 Review you must look at the pros below:

  1. It has 200 watts of light.
  2. It has a multifunction control panel.
  3. An amazing feature of this product is that you can design your code electronically.
  4. It has also the adjustable light time delay option.

Cons of LiftMaster 3265-267

When we look at some of the drawbacks or demerits of LiftMaster 3265-267 then we find only a few. However, still they are considerable as some people have given negative LiftMaster 3265-267 Review about it:

  1. It doesn’t have any type of safety sensor.
  2. It doesn’t offer rail assembly.
  3. It requires some skills in order to get installed.

Final Verdict of LiftMaster 3265-267 Review

A long detail about all the features of LiftMaster 3265-267 has been mentioned above. Moreover, the great features include the best security which works in every possible manner to protect your system. You can also find that it will allow you to get the best nicest access easily as it has the ½ HP motor installed in it. This motor is really efficient and it offers the great services. It is one of the best heavy duty motors which are used in a garage door opener. It also has the power head quick terminal which meant to make it the reliable choice indeed. So, in this case, one can find the true and amazing features. It has a faster wire installation due to which it gets most of the positive reviews. However, the LiftMaster 3265-267 Review reveal that it is a must have product for daily usage. If someone wants to get the amazing services then this is the best product indeed.

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