Liftmaster 8500 Review

Liftmaster 8500 Review

If you are looking for a garage door opener that provides good quality at a relatively good price then Liftmaster 8500 is actually what you have been looking for. It is one of the premium players of Liftmaster that basically works with the jackshaft method. Unlike the chain drive and belt-drive, it is one of the advanced forms that will make your life a thousand times easier. This garage door opener makes itself perfect for both houses and offices as well.

So, if you have been looking for a best garage door opener that can lift up larger and taller garage doors then you have landed on the right page as Liftmaster 8500 will do just that for you. Go and buy this garage door opener now! However, if you are still here we have compiled some important factors regarding it that you should know!


One of the important things that set it apart from regular garage door openers that are mounted on ceilings this one gets installed on the wall and has a jackshaft. In the package, there is the main body of the garage door opener, the unit that has to be installed on the walls. Unlike many garage door opener, it has a small and rectangular body that makes it stand out. Then there is a remote control that is also mounted on the wall and is used for all the basic operations of the garage door opener. Then a must part like any other garage door opener, a safety beam is present to avoid any mishap. Then there are power locks present as well used for locking the door automatically.

Then there is a remote control with three buttons to control the main device. A remote light is present that records the opening of the door. A cable tension recorder that makes sure he cable isn’t overburdened. And the lastly most important part is the hardware that will be required to install the garage door opener.


The first feature that you will notice in it is it has a jackshaft that will require to get installed on the sides.  You might have to call a professional to install it but it can be done by your own self if you have some technical knowhow. It can act as a MyQ enabled but for that, you have to install an internet gateway that will require additional cost. However, this will make your life quite easier. Further, there is a touch keypad that has an algorithm to control the garage door. It can control multiple garage doors at the same time as well. A safety beam is also present in the device which is important to ensure that accidents don’t take place. It will not let the door closed if there is a hindrance in the way of the door.

The remotes also have codes that keep on modifying to ensure that no intruders get in. This feature is quite important that will help in ensuring that no unauthorized person can get in your property. Another very interesting feature that will ensure the security is that the garage door opener comes with a lock that will automatically lock the doors. So, don’t worry about locking it again. Now you can peacefully rest. Moreover, the tension detectors are there to notify if the cable that is operating the door is overburdened. The sensors will stop the function of the Liftmaster 8500 garage door opener if there is extra tension on the cable. Lastly, the lights can also be controlled through the remote present. You just have to press the key for illumination of your house without much worry!

Technical Features:

  • Jackshaft opener
  • Touch Keypad
  • Safety beam present
  • Remote control present
  • Battery backup present
  • Door locks present
  • Light control through remote
  • 2.0+ Security

These features make it one of the best choices if you are looking for a reliable garage door opener for your door. So don’t wait up and buy this garage door opener now!

  • Long warranty.
  • Safety Sensors present
  • Motion detection light present
  • Remote control

Needs an internet gateway

Need professional installation


All in all, this is a fine creation by Liftmaster, though to some it might seem expensive especially when there needs to be an installation of internet gateway. Apart from that overall it is a must-have! It solves your major garage issues and is a step closer to having a smart home! Don’t waste time and update to Liftmaster 8500!


You might have observed many different kinds of door openers. Because having a best garage door opener is essential after you have bought a car.

In this regard, many companies are working on designing the best garage door openers but Life master is one which is creating the uniqueness.

They have such products which are unique and different than others. In the same way, Liftmaster 8500 is an entirely different product as it works differently.

It has a Jackshaft/side mount opener which aside forms the trend. Most of the door openers are chain drive based or the belt drive based but this one is installed on the wall.

There are many great things about this fabulous product. You can find that many people have given the positive reviews about this product.

You can find that it offers the MYQ technology. MYQ control panel offers many great things and features. In this regard, a person can easily connect his smart phone to control the device and to get assistance via smart phone.

It has also a manual which gives the assistance to the user. Moreover, front mount torsion springs which make it easier for a user to operate the device.

It is due to the functions of this device that people has given positive reviews. However, a good Liftmaster 8500 Review is all about the good features and fewer cons.

Pros of Liftmaster 8500

When we pay a look at Liftmaster 8500 so we find many good aspects of this device. Find out the pros due to which someone gives positive Liftmaster 8500 Review about this product:

  1. It has front mount torsion springs for comfortable.
  2. It is really quiet and it doesn’t create any type of noise.
  3. It has 200 watts of light which can give the best performance indeed.
  4. It has battery backup due to which it can even work in the absence of light.

Cons of Liftmaster 8500

There are also some demerits of Liftmaster 8500 due to which negative Liftmaster 8500 Review is a common thing. Find out the cons below:

  1. Sometimes the motor doesn’t operate accordingly and it offers the worst service.
  2. When it becomes old it started opening and closing by itself.
  3. It has a 6-foot power cord and if you require more then you must buy an extension.

Final Verdict of Liftmaster 8500 Review

As we have been through about all the pros and cons you will be able to get the best things about this product. You can come to know that how it is serving the people. Features like the MYQ technology and connecting your cell phone with it is really a nice option. Moreover, you can also find other features as it is wall mounted. By means of wall mount, it doesn’t require the belt or chain. Moreover, it has also a battery backup which makes it easier to use when you don’t have the power source. Also, you can get many other features which will make it reliable and a must have the system. After using you will also give a good review on liftmaster garage door openers and will prefer it for others too.

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