Liftmaster 3265-267 Review

If you are looking for something extremely affordable and perfect for your house then Liftmaster 3265-267 is the right choice. This is one of the best Liftmaster garage door openers for single garage houses. For someone who is investing in garage door openers for the first time with not much idea about what to choose and what not to choose this one, the list should be your … [Read more...]

Liftmaster Model CSL24U Review

Just when you will start thinking that Liftmaster will not be able to fulfill your demands of opening a heavy gate, it will prove you wrong. Liftmaster CSL24U is the answer to all your gate issues. It is one of the finest products from their line rightly justifying each penny that it demands. Though to many, it seemed a bit too expensive but then again it's not one of your … [Read more...]

Liftmaster 8557 Review – NA

There are many Liftmaster garage door openers on the market. You should always read the most trusted reviews online before you buy one for your home. The Liftmaster is one of the most reliable brands which you can trust. The brand manufactures various models of garage door openers. Most of these garage door openers have similar features but with slight differences. If you … [Read more...]

LiftMaster 1355 Review

LiftMaster 1355 is one of the interesting and great quality LiftMaster garage door openers. It is packed with features that will change the garage door issues for your house. If this is yours. First time installing a garage door opener then this is your chance of installing a garage door opener that will save you from the hassle. This garage door opener is quite different as … [Read more...]

Liftmaster 8500 Review

If you are looking for a garage door opener that provides good quality at a relatively good price then Liftmaster 8500 is actually what you have been looking for. It is one of the premium players of Liftmaster that basically works with the jackshaft method. Unlike the chain drive and belt-drive, it is one of the advanced forms that will make your life a thousand times easier. … [Read more...]