LiftMaster 3280 Review

LiftMaster 3280 Review

The search for the perfect garage door opener is never-ending. One which provides the feature that can make your life easy while not making you lose an arm or leg. But maybe you are about to get a garage door opener that ticks all the right boxes. Yes, here we have Liftmaster 3280, another prime addition in the Liftmaster garage door openers.

This one here is not only extremely affordable but is the perfect pick when it comes to having a smart house. It will ease your worry about your garage doors while providing the features that a lot of other expensive ones offer. For Liftmaster 3280 you really don’t need to think much. Go and buy it now! But before you buy it we have compiled all that you need to know about it.


The body and design are quite familiar to many others in the range. It has the same box-shaped body which is white in color with black mid-section. The main body is actually the motor which will determine the main function of the LiftMaster 3280 garage door opener.

Then with it, you will get a belt drive system, At such an affordable price this actually a cherry on top! There is also a motion isolation system as well. It also has lightings of around 200 Watts present on the main body. Further, it comes with a control panel and a three buttoned remote control.


Firstly, the motor is of 1/2 HP that means it is perfect for houses with one garage, it is a premium motor that will definitely adjust with your garage door. Then the belt drive is the most important part as it is more efficient than a chain drive and doesn’t create additional noise as well. For a more smooth and soothing function, they have also provided a motion isolation system that will isolate any extra noise.

Further, the automated light is a bonus as they will be enough to light up your garage when you will return late. Then there are safety beams present that regulated the function of the door and avoids any sort of accident from occurring. It is equipped with the MyQ application that means you can control it from wherever you like. You don’t need to check up on your garage door like before. So sit back and relax. To ensure security there is also a Posilock that will ensure that no intrusion takes place. And it will change the main codes after garage door activity.

Technical Features:

  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Belt Drive
  • 200 Watts light
  • MyQ Equipped
  • Safety Beams
  • Posi-lock enabled

The price that you will pay is worth it with the number of features that the device offers. So don’t think much and buy this garage door opener now!

  • Automatic lights
  • Quite economical
  • Posi-lock ensures security
  • Good for all places
  • Installation might be an issue.


Overall, this garage door opener is one of the best and quite cheap offers made by the Liftmaster. It offers all the features of high quality and expensive garage door openers. Go and buy this now to make your home a smart home.


Liftmaster 3280 is the best device which is based on MYQ technology and it can also work with your smart phone or tablet.

If you installed the application which is required and you have connected your cell phone then also it can work with your smart phone. It has a really powerful motor which can lift the doors easily.

It doesn’t create the noise like some others door lifters door. It can lift the door smoothly without making noise. It has mostly positive reviews and it is best in many ways.

You can find the best features of this device such as it works with the belt. And these belts are good and designed that you will find it lovely.

While troubleshooting you can contact with their support service center and easily your issues can be resolved. You don’t have to suffer from any other type of trouble as it has an instruction menu.

If you will follow the menu you will be able to install all parts of LiftMaster 3280 by yourself. There are many other things due to which people give it positive Reviews on Liftmaster Garage Door Openers.

If you also want the best equipment which can offer the security along with an ease of connectivity then this would be the best thing for you.

You can see all the best garage door openers to pick your favorite model.

Pros of LiftMaster 3280

There are many good things about Liftmaster 3280. However, some main things are illustrated below due to which people give positive LiftMaster 3280 Review, find out below:

  1. You can change the security code and that makes the door opener as the most secured one.
  2. It has powerful light bulbs which can give maximum light.
  3. It has the PosiLock system which increased the level while it is being locked.
  4. You can buy it for home or industrial purpose. It has a manual to guide you about.

Cons of LiftMaster 3280

If you want to find some demerits of LiftMaster 3280 then here are some cons. Find out below the things which can make someone gives negative LiftMaster 3280 Review, find out below:

  1. You need to modify it if you want to mount the system.
  2. Sometimes you find the installation difficult so please read it carefully,
  3. Lights have no sides.

Final Verdict of LiftMaster 3280 Review

After finding the truth about Liftmaster 3280, you can easily make your mind about this product. You can plan that either you have to purchase this best garage door opener or not. But when you pay a look at the huge benefits and features which this door lifter provides then it compels someone to buy it for sure. Because it provides the higher level of security and one don’t have to worry about anything. You can even change the code if you are not happy with it or due to any reason. You would be able to install the system without calling any other person or a professional one but you must read the guide. There are many good aspects and people give positive LiftMaster 3280 Review by finding the good features. You will get many other features when you will install it.

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