Sommer 1042V003 Review

If you are looking for something that is efficient, equipped with the latest technology and ready to ease your life then you are in the right place. Sommer 1042V003 is based on European technology quite different from the usual garage door opener and quite adequate for your house. With its ¾ HP and the unique feature of direct d, rive it creates a prominent place in the market … [Read more...]

SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 HP Review

An affordable, competent, less noisy and durable garage door opener is a blessing! If you find one feature the other seems to be missing but SOMMER direct drive 1042V001 is the one that gets you all. Designed by a European manufacturer this garage door opener has everything that you would want for your smart house. You can now forget all your garage-related worries and let this … [Read more...]

Sommer 1042v002 Review

Sommer 1042V002 is the device which is really updated and which has got smart technology. It is an example of some nice features and devices. It is the device that has nice options that will really amuse a user. SOMMER 1042V002 review reveals many aspects that users have found in it. It is the device that has a smartphone control setup. You can control the setup with your … [Read more...]

Sommer 1052v000 Review

In the world of ½, HP garage door openers have something much more efficient that will stand out with its quality. If you are also looking for something that can provide you with smooth working and good results. Moreover, ensure that the crucial entrance to your house, your garage is safe and secure then all you have to do is install Sommer 1052v000. There are many companies … [Read more...]