LiftMaster 1355 Review

LiftMaster 1355 is one of the interesting and great quality LiftMaster garage door openers. It is packed with features that will change the garage door issues for your house. If this is yours. First time installing a garage door opener then this is your chance of installing a garage door opener that will save you from the hassle.

This garage door opener is quite different as it provides built-in Wifi a feature that is missing in many others. Here’s a detail about the garage door opener from its design to impeccable features. Hurry up it’s not something that you should miss out on!


The design of the LiftMaster 1355 garage door opener might not be a state of the art. It has an oblong structure that many might not like. It has a large box kind of body that has to be placed on the ceiling. It has a chain drive system and comes with a chain and a rail. The colors are quite dull with grey and black shades.

One thing that this design does have is an internet link. Apart from the main motor, there’s a chain drive for control, single remote control for the door. There’s also a surge protector that will protect the device from any damage. The safety sensors are also present in the device.


The motor is the first thing about the garage door opener that has to be discussed. LiftMaster 1355 stands out with a strong motor of 1/2 HP. It’s a strong garage door opener that could be used for normal residential use as well as light commercial purposes. It has a usual AC motor which is compatible with the chain drive system that it has. This system might create noise so it is advisable to install it for garages that are separate from the house. It can also work on standby mode and in this way it uses less electricity as compared to other garage door openers. Then comes the security which is the most critical part of any garage door opener. LiftMaster 1355 has sensors installed for safety and security. It has 2.0+ Security and through the remote control the safety code changes to ensure to unauthorized entrance doesn’t take place.

The most interesting feature that it offers even after being so economical is the connectivity to the Wifi. It has a built-in Wifi system that will connect you and if you have a MyQ application then you can operate the garage door even when you aren’t in your home. Further, it has an industrial level strength which makes it a great choice for your house as well as for small commercial proposes.  The installation process isn’t much of a task either, it is perfect for those who like DIY projects it comes with the needed items and you can usually install the device.

Lastly, it is built on a surge suppressor method that protects the main body from damages throughout the time. So any sudden movement in the motor will not cause much trouble.

Technical Features:

  • AC Motor
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Chain drive system
  • Safety sensors enabled
  • 2.0+ Security system
  • Internet Enabled
  • MyQ application enabled
  • Remote control present
  • Built-in surge suppressor
  • 4 Years Warranty

LiftMaster 1355 one of the best garage door openers for your house as it is extremely easy on the pocket. Especially if this is the first time that you are installing a garage door opener then this one is for you considering it also gives internet connectivity. Don’t think much and go get it now!

  • Easy installation
  • Remote safety
  • Changes code
  • Built-in Wifi
  • No backup battery
  • Loud working


It doesn’t have a backup battery but with much less price, it provides all those ranges of features that make it stand out among many other garage door openers. Having built-in internet connectivity and good security with the strong motor it is a perfect choice for both small commercial and houses. Don’t wait and buy it now!

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