Sommer 1042V003 Review

Sommer 1042V003 Review

If you are looking for something that is efficient, equipped with the latest technology and ready to ease your life then you are in the right place. Sommer 1042V003 is based on European technology quite different from the usual garage door opener and quite adequate for your house. With its ¾ HP and the unique feature of direct d, rive it creates a prominent place in the market as compared to various other garage door openers.

The users of Sommer 1042V003 has always talked about it in a positive way. This should be the main reason for you to go and buy it! But if there’s still any doubt we have some important features about the device piled up for you.

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The design of the Sommer 1042V003 garage door opener is quite a piece of art as compared to various garage door openers. Unlike a large body that will be placed on your garage ceiling, it has comparatively a smaller body for the motor.

Further, there’s a steel railing attached to the main body that links with the door. Now the important part of this garage door opener that differentiates it from others is that it doesn’t have any sort of belt or chain drive but a direct drive system is present.


Now the most important part when it comes to the garage door openers is its a feature. The first feature is its motor that is of ¾ HP strong enough for residential use. It’s stronger than the usual 0.5 HP motors and hence, makes itself a great garage door opener for any smart house. Next, comes what sort of drive is used, it doesn’t have the regular chain drive or belt drive rather it has a direct drive system. Which means it goes down the rail for its operation.

Due to the above function, it has a smooth and quiet function. Now you don’t have to worry about your family waking up every time you’ll return home late. This garage door opener wouldn’t even let anyone know that it was opened. Moreover, there’s an installation guide. You aren’t alone when installations are needed it has a proper guide to direct you how to get the device installed.

Now if you are wondering about safety and security. Don’t worry that is also under control with this garage door opener. Safety beams make sure that the door doesn’t close when something is in its path. This helps against any sort of accident.  For enhanced security, there is a regular update in the codes and security algorithm to ensure that there’s no forced entry in the house. Lastly, being able to connect to HomeLink it becomes highly suitable for a smart house. As your smart house, all those features can be automated. Through the connection to HomeLink, you’ll be able to check on your garage door till you have access to the internet.

Technical Features:

  • ½ HP Motor
  • Direct drive
  • Safety beams
  • Adaptable to Homelink
  • Security code
  • Quiet and smooth function
  • Has a transmitter

Aren’t these features enough to have it installed in your house! These will surely make your life easy and save you from the struggle of constantly check up on your door. Don’t wait up and install this now!

  • Easy to install
  • Access to the internet
  • Security code enabled
  • Strong Motor
  • A bit slower
  • Need to buy remote


Honestly, are its cons even the drawbacks? If you compare Sommer 1042V003 to its other competitors you will find it more feasible. It is packed with incredible features that you will need in a garage door opener. So don’t wait up and install this garage door opener now!


Sommer, 1042V003 is indeed a fabulous device and it offers many essential features. A user will surely enjoy after installing this garage door opener.

Many people have given positive reviews to Sommer 1042V003. You should also focus on the good aspects of this device so that you can also give a positive Sommer 1042V003 review.

Some of the best features include that if you will install it then it will be easier for Sommer garage door opener to open the door of up to 8 feet. It works differently than other garage door openers.

It is the product which doesn’t make any kind of noise. You can find the complete quietness along with this device.

It even doesn’t bother a person with the vibrations. You can get the best features of this product if you will find the best access to it and understand the guide clearly.

It comes with an installation guide so that it won’t create any type of trouble for a beginner. It is also based on the technology of best chamberlain garage door openers and it has the secure rolling technology.

Therefore safety is surety with this device. It comes with two button transmitters which make it an entirely different device. There are many other features about his direct door open device which amazed a person who uses this piece of technology.

Pros of Sommer 1042V003

There are some good aspects due to which people have given it positive reviews. Find out below Sommer 1042V003 review and give a positive review:

  1. It comes with an installation kit and anyone can install it easily.
  2. It has also the motion detected lights which makes it easier to detect something while closing the door.
  3. It is really a quiet device when compared to other devices.
  4. It performs well even in the cold and doesn’t get jammed due to the winter.

Cons of Sommer 1042V003

There are also some demerits to this device. Sommer 1042V003 review has also a negative side find out below:

  1. Although it doesn’t create any type of noise still it is also a slow device. It works slowly compared to other same devices.
  2. You need to adjust it for downforce carefully. If you will not adjust it carefully it can create trouble for you.
  3. When there is motion in the garage the lights don’t turn on.

Final Verdict of Sommer 1042V003 Review

As taking both sides in view one can easily conclude that it is really a good product and listed as best garage door opener. If you have made a search and you have the instructions carefully then this product will be the best thing for you. In case of any type of issue, you can contact the Sommer team. They are available to help you anytime. These all are the reasons that Sommer 1042V003 review has a big positive side. Moreover, it works better in cold areas and it doesn’t create noise too. There are many other features which you will come to know when you will install it. This device is a great piece of technology without any doubt.

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