SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 HP Review

SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 HP Review

An affordable, competent, less noisy and durable garage door opener is a blessing! If you find one feature the other seems to be missing but SOMMER direct drive 1042V001 is the one that gets you all. Designed by a European manufacturer this garage door opener has everything that you would want for your smart house. You can now forget all your garage-related worries and let this garage door opener do your job.

The most important fact that as compared to other garage door openers that are relatively quiet famous this one has all those features and more. So there’s not much time to think and waste! All you have to do is buy SOMMER 1042V001 now!

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The design of SOMMER 1042V001 is relatively quite different and unique in design as compared to other garage door openers. It doesn’t have a huge body for the motor placed on your ceiling. Rather it has a smaller and quite lighter body for the motor that will have to be placed on the ceiling.

Then there is a steel rail that is attached to the motor which is the most highlighting part of its design. This factor in itself makes it different from the regular chain drive and belt drive garage door opener. Further, the packaging of the SOMMER garage door opener is in a way that makes installation an easy process.

Then another factor about its design is that it has lights of 120 watts! That is enough to illuminate your garage. There is a remote control present with the system for you to have easy access.


Features are the reasons that will definitely help you decide about this garage door opener. We are positive that you will end up buying it!

As this garage door opener is mainly designed for homes so the motor has the horsepower of 3/4 HP, it is great for an average garage door, it can lift around 550 Pounds that is actually more than the normal garage door! So, even if you have shifted to a new and big house even then this garage door opener is a must-have. Next comes which type of drive that it has? Unlike the regular chain and belt-drive, it has a direct drive system. This is the most heightened feature due to the fact that where belt drives make less noise as compared to chain drives. This one here makes even lesser noise than a belt drive garage door opener. This is due to the reason that the motor slides through the rail while the door is opened.

Apart from the regular specifications comes another feature that is important especially for residential customers. The presence of safety beams, this one also has safety beams that don’t let the door close till the path is clear. It is important for the safety of people and objects. Moreover, there are also security codes that are quite essential to ensure that no one breaks into your house. The security algorithm keeps on updating to ensure that no intrusion takes place. Other than that it can easily link with your internet system i.e. HomeLink making itself one of the best choices if you are moving towards a smart house. Now all you need is control through your device and internet and you are good to go.

It has amazing durability which ensures its high standard quality and makes it a perfect fit for your house. All these features make SOMMER 1042V001 a perfect choice for your house.

Technical Feature:

  • 3/4 HP Motor
  • Direct drive rail
  • Rolling code system
  • Lighting present
  • HomeLink Enabled
  • Safety beams present

These features are the complete packages for your home especially at the affordable price that it comes. It’s not the time to think anymore it’s the time to do something! What you need to do is buy this garage door opener now!

  • Connects to HomeLink
  • No noise
  • Highly Durable
  • Works fine with heavyweight
  • The keyless touchpad isn’t present
  • Lights aren’t automatic


Apart from the cons there aren’t any such cons that will create huge issues for you. The few main features like its durability, lack of noise disturbance, and good strength make it a perfect choice for your house! Then what’s the wait buy this garage door opener now!


If you want to buy a new garage door opener, then you should search the market for best sommer garage door openers.

You can only know which garage door opener you should have for your home by reading trusted Direct Drive Garage Door Opener reviews.

The garage door opens work using belt drive, chain drive, and direct drive mechanism.  Each mechanism has its benefits, but the better one which offers quite an operation and more power is the direct drive mechanism.

One of the brands which manufacture’s top rated and best quality garage door opener is Sommer.  Sommer has been around for several years, and it provides some cheap garage door openers.

One of the models by this company is 1042V001. It is one of the most reliable and fast working garage door openers. Read this Sommer garage door opener review to get an in-depth knowledge of this model.

Design and features

The design of this unit is similar to the design of the units which work using chain drive. It does use a chain drive, but with the single moving, the unit gives the direct drive a low noise profile. Like other models, it also has two lights on either side of the unit. The lights work using 120 watts.  The motor also moves along the railing with the single moving part. It is how it produces less noise while moving.

The direct drive garage door is always a good choice if you have tall doors. Like other models on the market which only operate on 7 feet tall doors, you can use this model for 8 feet tall doors too. If you buy an extension, you can use this garage door opener to control ten feet tall doors too. It is the reason this Sommer direct drive 1042v001 garage door opener is good for both home and commercial use.

If you want a garage door opener which has more power, direct drive 1042v001 is the best choice you have. It has a powerful ¾ horsepower motor. Unlike other models and brands which work using ½ HP motor, this one works great. The lifting capacity of this model is 550 pounds which are more than other brands which offer 300 or 500 pounds. Now you do not have to worry about the type of doors you have. It works great on almost every type of garage door. This Sommer garage door opener is an excellent choice as it has a good lifting capacity and the option to use it on several doors.

Another thing which most people look for is the warranty. You should buy the garage door opener which has a lifetime warranty rather than one year or two. You will be glad to know that Sommer offers a lifetime warranty on the entire unit i.e. motor, parts, and railing all have a lifetime warranty.

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Technical Specifications

  • Drive system: Direct drive technology
  • Remote controlled garage lock
  • Power: ¾ HP
  • Secure rolling code technology
  • Homelink compatible


  1. Installation of the garage door opener is quite a big problem. You will be glad to know that installing and setting up the Sommer Direct Drive garage door opener is easy. The unit comes with a complete installation kit, so you will not need any extra equipment for installing the unit. You will, however, have to read the manual carefully to complete the installation without any issue.
  2. There are a few security features on this model. One of the best features is the smart rolling code technology. It is the latest technology which changes the code every time you open or close the door. This way it is safe against theft or burglary or any break-ins. This technology makes it impossible to hack the unit.
  3. The device is HomeLink compatible. It means that you can use the remote control to connect other devices.
  4. You will be glad to know that using a single moving unit it does not produce any sound or vibrations. So, if you want a unit which does not make noise, you should get SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 34 HP Garage Door Opener. It ensures no noise by using the high-performance industrial strength traveling motor technology.
  5. The direct drive on this unit has a sensor system which uses invisible laser beams to stop the door from closing when something obstructs it. It is a great feature which protects pets and children from getting in the way of a closing door.
  6. Another benefit that you will enjoy using this unit is the battery backup. It will work at least one day without any power supply.


  1. You also get two remotes, one control panel, and infrared light sensors. The light sensors work great, but there is a slight problem with the remote. It is one of the Sommer garage door opener problems which you will face while using the remote. The buttons on the remote are too small to press.
  2. The device does not have state of the art features such as internet connectivity or operation through Smartphone.
  3. There are many features which a garage door opener must have. Unlikely this unit lacks many security features. For example, it does not have any keyless entry pad. This best garage door opener does not have a motion sensor for protection.

Final Verdict of SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 HP Review

The Sommer 104V001 is among the best-rated garage door openers for lifting heavy doors. If you want to buy the garage door opener which has more power but does not have too many features such as Smartphone connectivity you should get this. It will lift 550 pounds and is good for almost all types of garage doors. It does not produce sound and is easy to install. The security features are also enough, but it lacks keyless entry pad which is an important element. So, if you are not looking for too many options and features and your only focus is power, this garage door opener is a great choice. The price of this garage door opener is also quite less which makes it affordable.

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