Sommer 1052v000 Review

Sommer 1052v000 Review

In the world of ½, HP garage door openers have something much more efficient that will stand out with its quality. If you are also looking for something that can provide you with smooth working and good results. Moreover, ensure that the crucial entrance to your house, your garage is safe and secure then all you have to do is install Sommer 1052v000. There are many companies designing garage door openers (hint: Liftmaster and Chamberlain) which have made a prominent name for themselves. In the presence of those, companies like Sommer isn’t known by many. Whereas, Sommer 1052v000 by Soomer is one of the best garage door openers for your house and can give good competition to various other options.

If you are interested in shifting to something that provides good strength, smooth working, and doesn’t create too much noise then you are in the right place. Here are all the details that you need to know about the Sommer garage door opener. And we can assure that you’ll love it. If you like this review so don’t wait up and go buy it today!


Just like the quality, it provides the design of Sommer 1052v000 speak volumes. Unlike other garage door openers with huge body mounting on your ceiling this one has a proper and better structure to aid its functioning. There is further a rail that provides its strength to lift doors up to 8 feet. There is a chain running through the rails that helps the motor running across the rail. So, unlike the list of belt drive and chain drive garage door openers, this one has a direct drive option.

Moreover, there is a whole installation kit that comes along which means that you don’t have to worry about its installation process as well. If we discuss it’s designed overall then it is considered beautiful enough to suit your lifestyle. It is not one of those that will be in the mid of your garage killing the look. Sommer 1052v000 definitely talks class.


First, comes the motor it is of 1 HP, stronger than the usual ½ HP ones that are readily available in the market. This means that as compared to the usual garage door openers it has a bit improved strength.

Then comes the drive, this one doesn’t have the usual belt or chain drive rather it has a direct drive. This means that the motor itself slides down the rail during the function. This is a very important part as unlike various others it doesn’t make an irritating noise. So this makes it a must-have if you want a peaceful house. Now if you return late or have a newborn who has finally slept you don’t have to worry in each condition. Your family will peacefully sleep even when you’ll return late.

Another very important feature is the battery life. Sommer 1052v000 garage door opener has very strong battery life. It offers 30,000 hours which are perfect when the power goes out. It will save you from slaving in those hours. Moreover, there is no need for changing your battery constantly like other garage door openers. Besides, this product offers a lifetime warranty now this makes it a must-have for your smart house. You don’t need to worry about it as much and if it ever troubles you, it can easily be replaced by the professionals without additional cost. You can also get full sommer garage door opener reviews on a single click.

Lastly, it easily gets connected to HomeLink which means that you can connect it to your Wifi system and control it through your phone. This is probably the best thing as with these and above all features, it can easily give tough competition to other big names.

Technical Features:

  • 1 HP Motor
  • Direct drive system
  • HomeLink available.
  • Long battery life
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can lift up to 8 ft.
  • Safety sensors present
  • Remote control present

Aren’t these features enough to get this garage door opener installed? You shouldn’t wait up and go buy this garage door opener now! This is what your smart house has been looking for.

  • Quieter than any other option.
  • Safety sensors present.
  • Worth every penny.
  • Nothing extra needed
  • Works with HomeLink
  • A bit slower than others.
  • Working of remotes.
  • Doesn’t have lighting.


Overall, it will be right to say that if you still haven’t installed a garage door opener this was the one that you needed. For a smart house, it has all the right features. Obviously, like others, it has a few cons then again who doesn’t. For a company that is not known by many Sommer 1052v000 is full of qualities that are unbeatable! Go and get this garage door opener now.


SOMMER 1052V000 is the best and upgraded garage door opener. It is equipped with such technology which is improved and which provides the features of needs.

It is also the best quality garage door opener which is crystal clear by SOMMER 1052V000 Review. Many people have given the positive reviews about this door opener and that is the reason for its success and huge sales.

It is the door opener which has got the 1Hp motor which means that it can easily lift the weight. It can perform well along with the weight due to its high power motor.

Along with this technology used in Sommer 1052V000 you can easily open the garage doors within the height of 8 foot.

You don’t need any other kit to do so but built in system will do it for you. Also, along with this garage door opener, you will find an installation kit which will assist you in installing the setup.

It comes with 2 button transmitters which are nicest indeed. Along with sommer garage door openers you can find an ultimate ease.

It has the technology which is best and which is fabulous. It is really secure and you can park your car safely. You will find the two transmitters with this device which will have two buttons.

You can see all the best garage door openers to pick your favorite model.

Pros of SOMMER 1052V000

When we pay a look at the SOMMER 1052V000 Review so find the positivity. But what makes people to give positive reviews about this device are the pros given below:

  1. It has the 1 HP motor which makes it powerful indeed. It is the nice features of this fabulous device.
  2. If you live in an area which has the garage below the living spaces then this will suit you. Because it is really quite and it doesn’t create any vibrations.
  3. You can connect it with Home Link easily.
  4. It has the best technology which makes it secure and protected.

Cons of SOMMER 1052V000

This is the best device but still, it has some demerits which make people give negative remarks. SOMMER 1052V000 Review has also a negative side, find out below:

  1. It doesn’t have any type of battery backup.
  2. If you want to operate with an invertor then you have to check the things properly otherwise it will not work.
  3. The range of remote is limited which needs to be improved.

Final Verdict of Sommer 1052v000 Review

After comparing all the aspects of SOMMER 1052V000 we can easily find that it has more good than bad. It has really great and inspiring features which will really flatter a user. Therefore if you want to get a highly secure garage door opener then this is the right thing for you. Along with this device, one can easily adjust the garage door opening. You can contact with your home Link and you can monitor it clearly. Moreover, after finding the other great features, you will also give a positive SOMMER 1052V000 Review. Because it is also easier to install and what is the feature which is not there in terms of best garage door opener.

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