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Chamberlain wd1000wf ReviewAmong the many brands that manufacture the garage door openers, Chamberlain is a reliable brand. It has been around for many years, and the company manufactures some of the best belt drive door openers.

One of the latest models by Chamberlain is the Chamberlain wd1000wf. It is an excellent choice and has a great powerful motor. It is also highly rated among the Best Garage Door Opener Consumer Reports.

It is a good choice but before you buy it to make sure that you read the wd1000wf review.

Here is an extensive review of this product which will give you a better idea of its specs, features, and should you buy it or not? Reading this review will let you know all about this model of best garage door opener.

Design and features

The wd1000wf Chamberlain has a similar design like most other door openers. You will never guess it is different from other Chamberlain models on the market.

The egg-shaped unit has a similar design and looks like the previous models which have a belt drive system. You should know that the design and the shape depend on the type of drive mechanism.

The belt drive openers are a bit different from the chain drive openers.

The Chamberlain garage door openers have two major components. The design ensures that it mounts on the support brackets at the top of the garage door and the garage door ceiling.

The two components are the oval shaped unit and the long railing. The railing has a plastic belt in it. There are several other items which you need to install the unit.

You can read the Chamberlain wd1000wf manual to know how to fix each item. The manual is easy to read, and you will install it in no time using the manual once you follow the instructions.

The unit also has a wall mount control panel. It is a great choice as it makes the use easy. You also have remote controls to monitor and control the door. The Chamberlain garage door remote has two or three buttons you can set it to control more than one garage door.

This model is an excellent choice as it is a robust and strong contender for a home garage door. It is one of the company’s top models of the wireless garage door opener. You can use this garage door opener for the doors which are 7 feet tall.

The best part of this model is its motor. It has a powerful chamberlain wd1000wf 1-1/4 hps motor. It outclasses all other motors on the various brands which are either ½ or ¼. With this motor, the unit will lift up to 500 pounds of weight without any difficulty. So, if you have heavy doors and gates no problem at all this garage door opener will lift all of them.

Another great feature of this model is its backup battery. It is not only a great feature but also a very handy tool. The battery allows you to use the unit and lift the doors even when there is no power. The battery will last at least one or two days without power.

You can also use the Smartphone to control the garage door opener. The biggest advantage that you get here is that the internet gateway is built-in into the system. You do not have to purchase the gateway separately. All you need is to install the Android or iOS app and control the garage door opener through the web or the WiFi. It is a great addition which saves both money and time. The app is easy to use and provides a lot of options and also tells you the current status of the door. There is also a timer on it which tells you for how long has the door been open. So, the app is free, and it has exciting features. You will certainly love using this app and control the garage door.

Technical Specifications

  • Drive system: Belt drive technology
  • Remote controlled garage lock
  • Power: 1-1/4 HP
  • MY Q technology
  • Internet gateway built in


  • The biggest benefit that you have on this unit is the lifting power. With the AC motor on this unit, you can lift any door made of any material. It can lift wooden doors, steel doors, etc.
  • Using the MY Q technology you can get alerts about the garage door activity on your smartphone and also the smartwatches. The MYQ offers you to choose alerts using emails or phone through SMS.
  • Another great thing about the Chamberlain group wd1000wf is that it has an excellent customer support. Whenever you find it difficult to install or have any issue with the device you can call and the customer care service. The customer support representatives are friendly and will immediately help you with your problem.
  • One difference that you will notice using this belt drive unit and other brands which use belt drive is that the Chamberlain wd1000wf is silent than other models. So, if you want the quietest garage door opener, we recommend you buy the wd1000wf.
  • The interior control panel of the unit also has a motion sensor that will turn on the lights on the unit if it detects movement in the garage.


  • There is only one safety feature on this unit. The door does not have an automatic reverse option. You will have to rely on the keypad and remote to control the remote control.

Final Verdict of Chamberlain wd1000wf Review

The Chamberlain wd1000wf is an excellent choice for home use. It is one of those models which is good for heavy duty garage doors. If you are looking for power, you should get this. If you are looking for security and safety features, it is not the good choice. Overall it is a great garage door opener. The price is also not too much. The company has put a lot of effort into making this unit robust and durable. The company provides 5-year warranty for parts and 1-year for accessories.

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