Skylink AT-1723BK Review

In the world of garage door openers where Chamberlain and Liftmaster have made prominent places, you will hardly come across other brands. However, that’s not where the world of garage door opener ends, Skylink has been in the industry for over two decades and today we’ll get to know one of its economical yet full of amazing features product Skylink AT-1723BK. Unlike other brands, this one will not put a dent in your pocket while offering the features that it has. So don’t think too much! Go and buy it now!

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The design of Skylink AT-1723BK is a bit different than other brands though this one also goes up on the ceiling and has a rail. It is completely white in color with a vertical body placed on the rail. It has a rectangular structure with the brand specification written on the sides.

Apart from the main motor, keypad transmitter, remote control, wall control, safety sensor and a belt drive is part of the package.


First of all the motor which is of DC type unlike various other brands than have AC motor this one is quieter and proficient in its functions. But apart from its specification, it has a strength of ¾ HP. So, at a very affordable price, you are getting a garage door opener that is both strong and works smoothly. Then it has a belt drive system which further improves its function. As belt drives are quieter than chain-drive so there will not be a lot of commotion while the garage door opener will do its job.

Then there’s a keypad transmitter and remote control. Both the features that are there to ensure the security of your house. With every use, the controller will change the passcode and will save your property from a burglary. Lighting is a very important component of a garage door opener especially for those who usually return late at night. Skylink took care of this requirement by placing a high power built-in LED that will illuminate your Skylink AT-1723BK garage door opener through the motion detection unit.

Further, it has safety sensors as well as an auto-reverse system. These two systems are there to guarantee that no accident takes place. As the sensor will inhibit the door from closing if there’s something present in the way. Lastly, it also has an auto-close feature that will close the door if you ever forget closing it. So need to panic this smart device will do it on its own!

Technical Features:

  • Belt drive system
  • DC Motor
  • ¾ HP Motor
  • LED Light
  • Passcode protected remote
  • Wall console
  • Auto-close timer.
  • Safety sensors

Getting all these features at such an affordable price is nothing less than a treat! So don’t wait for long and buy this garage door opener now!

  • Highly affordable
  • Auto close system
  • Ultra-quiet
  • There aren’t any cons identified.


While being budget-friendly Skylink AT-1723BK provides all those great features that others provide at a huge cost. It can be an amazing yet profitable update in your smart house. In some cases, it also connects with the internet so that’s another advantage to add in the list. Hurry up and buy it now!

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