LiftMaster 3255 Review

LiftMaster 3255 is your best bet when you decide to install a garage door opener for the first time. It doesn’t have all the high-end features rather it is quite a simple and pretty basic garage door opener. However, it is one of the best garage door openers by Liftmaster in their contractor chain drive series. With its high quality, it ensures the durability and efficiency of the garage door opener.

To know more about it keep reading the review! And if you are interested in the LiftMaster garage door opener, don’t waste your time and buy it now!


The design of this garage door opener is nothing extraordinary considering it’s one of the basic products in the line. It weighs around 21 pounds and doesn’t come with a rail which means that you can also adjust it on the old rail if you had one or you need to buy it separately.

Apart from the main device, it has two remotes that come with the package. There is a chain drive, sensors, and multi-practical control board that is part of the package.


First of all the motor that is the most essential component of the LiftMaster 3255 garage door opener which is ½ HP. It’s strong, highly durable, and responsible for the main functioning of the device. Furthermore, as it is one of the conventional garage door openers so it comprises a chain drive. Hence, this property makes it perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much money yet want to install a garage door opener for easing up their life. It comes with a remote controller that basically ensures the security of your house. The function of the remote control is to alter the security codes regularly so no intrusion takes place.

One of the features that identify it as a good quality garage door opener is that it has sensors as well. Sensors help in avoiding accidents that might occur if there’s a person or object present in the way of the garage door. Then there’s a multi-practical control board a feature that helps in controlling the garage door without a remote. And as there are lights present of around 100 watts, the control board controls it as well. Lastly, the device is accessible through the MyQ application. A feature that will help you control without much hassle.

Technical Features:

  • ½ HP Motor
  • Chain Drive System
  • Remote control present
  • Multi-purpose control board present
  • Lights present
  • Works with the MyQ application

The price that you have to pay to get LiftMaster 3255 with all these features definitely gets justified. It might not have all the latest updates but it is a good way to start considering that it’s economical and provides all the basic characteristics. Hurry up and buy it now!

  • Can replace the old one
  • Strong and durable
  • Remote has a good range
  • Doesn’t come with a rail
  • No Keypad
  • Installation can be a hassle.


LiftMaster 3255 is like by many users and has made it to the favorite list as well. Though it has many features missing, at the same time it offers many basic functions as well. So, for those who are looking for a cheaper replacement or are thinking of installing a garage door opener for the first time, it is the best choice. Go and buy it now!

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