Genie Chain Drive 500 Model 1035-V Review

If you have finally decided to listen to your friend and are ready to install a garage door opener for your door then begin with something that’s really easy on your pocket and don’t scare you away with its price while also being easier to install. Genie Chain Drive 500 Model 1035-V is actually the one you are looking for. It is the most economical garage door opener there might be few features that are missing yet it’s a good place to start!

If it motivates you then it has been positively reviewed by quite a large number of users! Don’t waste your time and buy it now!


The design of Genie Chain Drive 500 Model 1035-V might not be able as sleek as others it has a bit of dull and darker colors like grey and black and a box-shaped body with an oblong grey head. The main motor will go up on your ceiling.

Then comes the second important part, it has along railing through which the chain drive will run off the garage door opener. It originally comes with a 60-watt bulb for lighting and a single remote for the operation that is pre-programmed.


Firstly, the motor it had ½ HP motor that is perfect for small houses, it can lift the door up to 7 feet which weighs around 350 lbs. At the price that it comes, it is an amazing way, to begin with, a garage door opener and get a grip on this technology. Secondly, it has a chain drive that works on the lift system. This feature will make it a bit louder to operate especially when you will be turning late at night. However, it is highly durable. Thirdly, it has a 60 watt light installed in the system that will illuminate your garage. It’s a helpful feature considering if you return late. You can also get a Genie LED light after paying some more.

Genie Chain Drive 500 Model 1035-V garage door opener also comes with a pre-programmed remote. So, after you have installed your device you cab directly operate it with the remotes without any update or another installation issue.  Another important feature that the garage door opener has is it has an auto seek feature. Which helps whenever there is frequency discrepancy. It can seek 315-390 MHz through this feature without any disruption.

Further, it really looks out for your safety with the presence of safety beams so you don’t have to worry about the kids or pets playing around or even any package as it will auto-reverse the door by sensing the presence of any obstacle in the way without causing much damage. Lastly, you can also consider it kind of a smart device as it can be controlled with a smart remote that is used with a smart device. Also, it is compatible with HomeLink and Car2U. Which will make a functioning and controlling the garage door opener quite easier.

Being packed with so many features it does justify it’s price and can be named as one of the best.

Technical Features:

  • ½ HP Motor
  • Chain Drive System
  • 60 watts light
  • Single pre-programmed remote control present
  • Auto seek dual present
  • HomeLink and Aladdin connect compatible
  • Security sensors present

These are the most highlighting features that are part of the Genie Chain Drive 500 Model 1035-V. It might have a few features like Time-to-control, motion detection, or battery backup missing. Yet in the price that it comes, it’s highly justifiable. Hurry up and get it now!

  • Easy installation
  • Quite cheap
  • Pre-programmed remotes
  • Compatible with Aladin
  • HomeLink Compatible
  • Limited warranty
  • Various features missing


If you’ll start comparing it with other garage door openers so where you will find that it has been missing quite a lot of features that can make your life easier. You will, more importantly, find that it is much cheaper than almost all of its competitors. Hence, it does justify the missing feature with its price. Also, it has a lot of features present that are a good way of starting with a garage door opener for someone who never had it installed. So, don’t wait much and install it now!

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