Chamberlain C450 Review

If you are looking for an economical and cheap garage door opener that is also reliable then you are actually looking for Chamberlain C450. Chamberlain is one of the most popular names in the industry of garage door openers. It has a list of options from which you can choose from, some pretty expensive to some quite cheap. This one here is a cheap one with great features. It is a perfect mix for your smart house while being in your budget. Then what are you waiting for? Go and get it now!

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It has a similar body design as other chamberlain garage door opener. It has a structure of 18x10x6.5 size and the motor will be placed on the ceiling. It is an in chain drive garage door opener which gives it an industrial-strength. The 7ft rail kit also comes along with it. The installation units and tools come with the package to make the packaging an easier factor. Then there’s a wireless and keyless entry keypad, a motion detector, and a three buttoned remote. All the equipment that should be present with a good and economical residential garage door opener is present here.


As always the first feature is the motor of the device because it tells us the strength and capability of the garage door opener. It has an AC motor of ½ HP. Not as stronger as other options 0.75 or 1.25 HP but strong enough for residential use. Then comes the drive system, Chamberlain C450 garage door opener has a durable and strong chain drive system. Which will provide good strength enough for an average aluminum gate. The most important part of this garage door opener is that it has a built-in Wifi, a feature that you would always want from your garage door opener. This will save you from the hassle of keeping a check on your garage door. Now you can easily access it through the MyQ app on your phone from wherever you are.

Then comes the security, it has safety beam sensors that will protect you and your family and any other item from any sort of accident. As the door will not close on them. It has a good security and safety system which you can also ensure through the remote control that comes with it. The remote has a range of 1500 feet so you can have a door open before you get to your house. Moreover, the constant protection through code will not let anyone enter your house. The MyQ app lets you schedule the closing and working of the garage door. And it sends a notification to alert about the activity of the garage door. Lastly, the garage door opener can accept two light bulbs of 26 watts! Though they aren’t included in the package.

Technical Features:

  • ½ HP Motor
  • Chain Drive System
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Accessible to the MyQ app
  • Remote Control Present
  • Keyless entry keypad
  • 1500 Range
  • Safety sensors present
  • Encryption code for security

These are the compilations of all the important features that are the part of Chamberlain C450. It is cheaper than many other options out there. It may not have a backup battery yet it is a very good garage door opener that you can add in your smart house. Go and get it now!

  • Easy installations
  • Safety and Security ensured
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Remote control
  • Good control range
  • Lacks backup battery


Apart from the battery issue that might be a bit of trouble especially during the power outage Chamberlain C450 has various features that are quite important. It has a built-in Wifi a feature that is missing in many garage door openers but is a must if you are aiming to make a smart house. In such an economical price this is surely a treat! Hurry! And buy it now.

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