Chamberlain B730 Review

Chamberlain B730 is one of the strongest and highest quality Chamberlain garage door openers. Unlike various others in the range, it is more efficient and packed with features that will change the door game for your house. If you have never installed a garage door opener before then this is your chance of installing a garage door opener that will save you from the hassle.

This garage door opener is quite different from smoother functioning than others and has been given quite a good rating from all those who had it installed. Here’s a detail about the garage door opener from its design to impeccable features. Hurry up it’s not something that you should miss out on!

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The design of the Chamberlain B730 garage door opener is quite similar to others in the range. It has the same oval-shaped body that has to be placed on the ceiling. The colors are quite classy with white and light blue shades. There is also a lighting option that comes with this design as well.

One thing that this design doesn’t have the internet link and needs an internet gateway. Apart from the main motor, there’s a belt drive for control, a modern style 3-button remote control for the door. There’s also a wireless keypad and motion detection wall panel.


The first thing about any garage door opener that you would like to know before you get it, is its strength. Chamberlain B730 stands out with a strong motor of ¾ HP. It’s stronger than the usual garage door openers and can lift heavier doors. Unlike the regular motor type, it is not an AC  motor but rather has a DC motor which is more efficient and produces less noise. Also, it has a strong belt drive system which also reduces the noise and works smoothly. Further, it has a backup battery which is a blessing in days when the power goes out. Now you will not have to worry about the doors as the battery that it has will work as good as before.

There’s also a wireless keypad and motion detection device. One for opening the doors and can help in operating more than one garage. Whereas, the motion detector will switch on the light without any struggle. Then comes the security which is the most integral part of any garage door opener. Chamberlain B730 has sensors installed for safety, which doesn’t let the door close if there’s an obstacle in its way. So, you don’t have to worry about kids playing near the garage or any package as the door will not close on them. Similarly, if you worry about burglary then there’s no need to worry about that as well. There are security codes and algorithms that keep on updating to ensure that no one enters your house. So breaking in will not be an issue.

Lastly, the installation process isn’t that much of a hassle. The tech support system that is present, as well as the online tutorials, will make sure you don’t have any problems.

Technical Features:

  • DC Motor
  • ¾ HP Motor
  • Belt drive
  • Safety sensors enabled
  • 2.0+ Security system
  • Wireless keypad
  • Motion detection device present
  • Lights present
  • Has a backup battery
  • 3 button remote control

These are the few features that make Chamberlain B730 one of the best choices for garage door openers for your house. If you have never believed in installing a garage opener to date then this one is for you. Don’t think much and go get it now!

  • Extra quiet
  • Battery backup
  • Easy installation
  • Remote has a strong range
  • Powerful motor
  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t have internet connectivity


Though it doesn’t have internet connectivity as other options from the same and even different brand yet it is one of the best choices to install especially when this is your first time. Moreover, you can get it connected to HomeLink but for that, you’ll need an internet gateway. Lastly, many people might become hesitant because of its price as it seems a bit pricey but it has various features and combinations that many don’t offer like battery backup and DC motor. So, what’s the wait for? Hurry up and get it installed!

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