Chamberlain B1381 Review

Chamberlain is one of the most famous and known brands when it comes to garage door openers. They have a range of products available to satisfy different customers. Chamberlain B1381 is one of their higher-end brands with the list of qualities that will truly amaze you. If you are looking for a garage door opener that can suit your smart choices and is perfect for your smart house then this is the one!

Chamberlain B1381 is one of those brands that is specialized for people with bigger houses, hence, this Chamberlain garage door opener might be a bit expensive for many but definitely assures its quality. It will provide the durability and strength that you will need from your garage door opener! Hurry up and get Chamberlain B1381 now!


It has a similar oval-shaped large body that is the signature style of Chamberlain. And it mounts on the ceiling. It has a belt drive system which is an upgrade from the usual chain drives found in various garage door openers. However, the most prominent feature of this garage door opener is its LED lights. They are stronger than the usual lighting present in garage door openers. Further, it has WIFI enabled that makes it accessible to smartphones.

You will also get a remote control in the package and a good battery system to ensure its long life and durability. There is also a wireless keypad for opening and closing from outside. You also get a remote control to operate the garage door and the sensors. These are some important parts of its design.


The first and basic feature is its motor that determines the capability of the garage door opener. It has 1.25 HP Motor; this makes it one of the strongest garage doors that are fully capable of opening heavier doors even that of wood. You can even install it for small business places. Secondly, it has a belt-drive, this explains why it is quieter than other garage door openers. The belts are quite strong so you don’t have to worry about their maintenance.

Another important feature that it has is the LED lights they are not dim like various other garage door openers. Chamberlain B1381 garage door opener has 100 LED lights with a life of almost three years. So, the next time you return home past midnight you will not flash from your phone. It has the connectivity with the HomeLink system, this makes it accessible from your phone and from wherever you are. So if you have internet access operate your garage door from any location be it inside your house or away from it. This will let you control it through the MyQ app without any trouble.

Then the door has the time-to-close option that ensures the security of your house. Your door will close itself after a few minutes of inactivity. Then there’s a Security 2.0+ installed to ensure that there’s no break-in. Lastly, there are security sensors present to detect any sort of hindrance that might be present on the way of your garage door. This protects from any accidents to happen. You can also get all the information regarding the functioning of your garage door through the MyQ application.

Technical Features:

  • 1.25 HP Motor
  • Belt drive system
  • 100 LEDs installed
  • Wifi-enabled
  • MyQ application enabled
  • Sensory beams
  • Remote control present

These are some important features that are the part of Chamberlain B1381. It truly is one of the best garage door openers that you can get for your home. It might come off as a bit expensive but investing in this one is not a loss at all. Go and buy it now!

  • Good strength
  • Adaptable to HomeLink
  • Control through remote
  • Long life and durability
  • Slightly expensive


Don’t let the money hold you, it may seem extremely expensive and out of reach however, this is one investment that you will surely not regret. So, now is the time when you confidently give up on your old garage door opener and install Chamberlain B1381. It comes from a very reliable garage door opener company and is packed with impressive qualities. Don’t wait for long and hurry! You need to buy this garage door opener now!

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