Best Wifi Garage Door Opener

How many times have you forgotten to close your garage door opener and remember it when you were away from your house? How many times your friends returned back when there’s no one to welcome them? Or how many times have you wished that you would have something smarter that will solve your garage door concerns?

If the answer to all your question is on the positive side and you are just here nodding your head then all you want is a garage door opener or a controller that gives you access to the internet and make your life a bit easy. Especially when you forget to close your door or you aren’t there to open it for someone. The list below has garage door openers and the controllers that will make your current device compatible with Wifi. So, that you can control and manage your garage door even being away.

(In our option we’ll suggest going for Momentum for your current garage door opener.)

Chamberlain B550

Whenever we’ll talk about a garage door opener it is almost inevitable to not have Chamberlain on our list therefore, Chamberlain B550 has to be the first one with which we begin our list with. It is a bit costly; however, as it is a complete garage door opener with a list of features it rightfully validates its price.

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The design of Chamberlain is nothing extra-ordinary, it has a similar design which a lot of models of the company have and comes with a belt drive. Other than these basic features this one has a wireless keypad, a wall control panel, safety sensors, and remote control. However, being Wifi enabled it has made top position on our list.


The first feature apart from being a smart device that you should know is that it has lifting power of around ½ HP. So, if you are someone who is deciding to get a smart garage door opener for the first time and is searching for something more than a basic and has internet connectivity then this is the one for you.

Apart from being strong enough to lift an average garage door of 7 feet, it also has a belt drive system. A belt drive system is a far better option than the usual chain drives as it doesn’t create much noise and provide a quieter and much smooth functioning.

As it is a complete garage door opener the security and safety are the prime concern and this one has a great security system of 2.0+ and also has a Posi-lock which will inhibit anyone from breaking in. The safety sensors will reverse the door back if there’s anything present in the way.

  • Ultra-quiet
  • Smooth working
  • Great safety and security
  • Great for residential purposes
  • No backup battery


If you live in an area where the power out is a common issue then this garage door opener might not be suitable. Otherwise, this one is a great garage door opener will great functions and compatible with Wifi.

Alcidae Garage 2

The first one in our list for the job is the garage door opener controller than can be linked with your existing garage door opener. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get it but as it is one of the devices compatible to Wifi it will cost you around an average of a very cheap garage door opener. Hence, a little investment to have an up-to-date garage door opener.

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With quite a sleek design it is not only a garage door opener but acts as a security camera as well. It is a great option for those who often forget to close their garage doors as through this controller you can have a look at your garage and even close it through an app.


The first and important feature of this garage door opener is that it acts as a camera, completely white in a unique style it can be easily attached to the motor of your current garage door opener. By placing there you will be able to have the access to the function of garage door opener as well a view of the garage.

Installation and connection of Alcidae aren’t much of a hassle and can be easily done. Moreover, you can easily install the application on your phone and you will be good to go. All you have to do is make sure that the internet connection is easily accessible to your garages.

It will enhance the security of your house as it can detect both motion and sound. It will easily alert you through the notification about any entry or activity. Now, you can easily keep a tab on movement around your garage door.

  • Security is enhanced
  • Smart control of the garage door opener
  • Provides night vision with the camera
  • Doesn’t have voice command
  • No schedule-to-close option


As compared to many other options in the market it may not have all the best features. However, this one surely enhances the working of your current garage door opener and can give you great updates at a rather affordable price.

Refoss Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener

Another option that we have in line is the device that will help you in upgrading your current garage door opener. For someone who already has a garage door opener or bought them recently and is reluctant to buy a new one then this is the right choice for you.

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As Refoss smart wifi garage door opener is quite affordable as compared to others and cost you even less than $100. It is the easy, cheap, and most convenient way of upgrading your existing garage door opener.


The most important feature apart from that it connects you with Wifi and makes controlling your garage door opener relatively easy, it has good compatibility. This means that it can be easily linked with almost all the garage door openers and their various models. And the accessories coming with these garage door opener can still be used easily.

As it is a Wifi connecting device it will communicate every activity that will happen regarding the garage door opener. So if any unauthorized access occurs you will get to know and conduct all security measures.

The reason why people look for a smart device is that they want to make them acquainted with the aspect of making their home smart. And the one thing that counts in it is the voice command. Refoss is compatible with both Google and Amazon.

  • Extremely affordable.
  • Good customer care service
  • Voice command compatible
  • The issue in connecting was reported


All in all, the garage opener is quite a choice if you want to pick something that is less hassle and can access Wifi.


This one the list is also a garage door opener controller by Nexx. If you don’t know, a garage door opener controller is an affordable device as compared to a complete garage door opener which will be connected to your current opener and update its working.

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It is a small device that comes in three different colors that you can easily link up with your current garage door opener. Moreover, it comes within $100 which means that in a less amount you can make your current garage door opener a smart device.


Whenever you will get a controller the main worry is whether it will be able to connect with your current garage door opener or not. The good thing about Nexx is that it is easy to install and quite compatible with a list of garage door openers.

Moreover, with an application, you can now easily close and open it. There’s not much struggle if you ever forget closing your garage door just open up the app and do it. Similarly, it will automatically open up the door on your return. Go key free and hassle-free!

Further, it is compatible with voice command so if you are busy doing some work all you have to do is give orders to your smart device and the door would be open within minutes.

  • Easy installation
  • Voice command accessible
  • Setting up sensors is trouble


All in all, this device has a lot of features that you will get by spending a little amount. And it can make your ordinary garage door opener a really smart one.

Genie Aladdin Connect

How many of you heard of the Genie and Aladdin story in your childhood? If you have then this controller is that little Genie for you. And if you haven’t then taken this device as the magical friend that is about to fulfill your wish.

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It is a small squared shaped device that will easily link up to your garage door and comes with a remote controller. You can also connect it with your mobile phone through the app.


As the main job of the controller is to make a garage door opener compatible with Wifi that initially didn’t have compatibility with it. Hence, you achieve this feature through Genie as well. But moreover, it will also alert you about garage door activities when you’ll not be around.

The most highlighting feature is that it has virtual keys. An option that you can share with your family and friends. Through this, your trusted ones can get inside the house without the owner being around.

You can even set up auto close timings of the garage door just to be sure that it is locked and safe. You can set the time when everyone is back home as the closing time. Lastly, being compatible with voice commands lets you control it even when you are busy cooking, doing laundry or any other task at home!

  • Accessible on many garage door opener
  • Virtual keys
  • Schedule timings
  • Some people complained about the functioning


According to few users, the app and features created some issues but for that, you can reach out to their customer care service and overall, it has quite a lot of features that will perfectly upgrade your current garage door opener.

Momentum Niro

Lastly, the Momentum Niro garage door opener controller is also part of our list. This garage door opener controller is quite sleek in its design and also has a camera. This one will not only make the controlling easier through Wifi connection but will also act as a surveillance camera as well.

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This garage door opener controller has a plastic packaging and has infrared light which shows the night vision. This garage door opener is perfect for a busy family.


The first feature of the controller is that through its camera it records you surrounding that is available to download after 24 hours. Hence, even you will not be at home even then you will have a device that will guard your house. Moreover, it also gives you a  live update of the surrounding which means that through your phone you can check around your house even being away without much struggle.

Further, if you are someone who forgets closing or opening of the garage door and constantly worry about it then you don’t have to anymore. You can now close or open the door from anywhere in the world. Where others just had voice command this one has an even better option. You aren’t at your home and you can still give a voice command to the device through the voice option to your garage door opener. Just tap the mic and give orders.

Then there is also night vision that will help you see around in light providing you safety throughout the day and night. Lastly, installation is a piece of cake as you will be able to install it with the instructions that are available without much trouble.

  • A controller and a safety camera
  • Perfect night vision
  • Talk option
  • Doesn’t work with voice commands


In the end, this one is quite affordable as well as have almost all the feature and more that you would want from a Wifi garage door opener. So, if you are looking to make your current one a smart one install momentum!

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