Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

We all want vacuum cleaners for cleaning the house to the workplace. However, the one issue which many have to go through is placing and managing the vacuum cleaners. As they themselves take a lot of place on the floor which in itself looks like a mess. Hence, the vacuum cleaner companies came up with wall-mounted vacuums.

These vacuum cleaners easily go up on the wall with their main accessories. So, you’ll not have to worry about the scattered accessories anymore. With the main machine mounted on the wall, you can easily move around without much trouble and clean your garages till your cars standing outside.

Below we have a list of 6 garage vacuums that can offer their services beyond garages. Coming from various price ranges each of these has features that will help in cleaning and wiping all types of dirt and impurities present from dry to wet.

According to our choice the one which suits us the best is DeWalt. Which isn’t only economical but provides strength and the right features that you would require for cleaning!

Bissell 18PO3

The first one we have is a cylindrical one that goes up on your wall. It is completely black and comes with a long hose that can easily move around the garage and even can go around the cars that you will have to clean it up. It comes from Bissell a company that has been in this business and the model 18PO3 is from its pro series.

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It is a perfect choice for garages or that part of your house where you are bound to have more than usual clutter and untidiness. For those who spend time in their garage or have warehouses or working places where there is more litter while working it is a perfect choice. So, if you are someone who loves to work with wood creating furniture or small pieces then it’s best to get these.


It has a powerful motor that is needed when cleaning larger as well as commercial places is concerned. So, if you are looking to clear up your garages or your working place or even want to clean your car this is your best pick.

Secondly, if previously your vacuum cleaner was used to make the mess more than cleaning when wet areas were concerned then you don’t have to worry anymore. This place will clean up wet as well as dry surfaces.

Then apart from vacuum it has a blower, so say goodbye to dirt or in fall season you can also blow away fallen leaves or on chilly days you can get rid of a thin layer of snow from it.

Then this one comes with seven types of cleaning utensils that make this vacuum a pro and multi-purpose cleaner. It comes with a dirtbag that is large enough for your whole cleaning to end smoothly and being translucent will show you when it is about to get full.

  • Perfect for various surfaces
  • Can clean your car as well
  • Strong motor
  • Hose is long enough for efficient working
  • It gets jammed up easily
  • Can’t clean up too much dirt


In less than $200 it s your best bet as t can get maximum of cleaning done easily.

Vacmaster 5 Gallon Vacuum

In the light blue shade with 5-gallon capacity, the second one is from Vacmaster. As the name suggests it is actually a vacuum master with 5 HP motor that is perfect for your house as well as for cleaning up your garage.

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The best part of this vacuum is that it is portable so you can easily move it around your house for cleaning. It weighs around 25 pounds, hence, it isn’t that heavier as well.


The first and interesting feature is that it has a remote control! Unlike many, you can just control this through a remote feature that will make functioning thousand times easier.

The powerful HP motor is strong enough for suction and has both a wet and dry cleaning system. So, no matter where you want the cleaning it can get rid of all the impurities coming your way.

The hose/pipe for cleaning is around 21 feet so you can easily clean around the area of your garage as well as your cars. Then there’s a blower that can help you get rid of debris and remains of all the dirt that you cleaned out. To make sure that you observe its functioning it has on and off button that will help you identify it and close it work is done.

  • Quite easier to handle
  • Quite economical
  • Great capacity
  • Isn’t good for commercial use


If you needed something that you can use around your house then this is the best choice as it is not heavy on the pocket and easily provide all the needed features.

Shop-Vac 3942300

Another vacuum that we have on the list which can easily go up on your wall is by the shop vac. A little above $100 we have a vacuum with the main body that looks like a little dumpster.

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It comes in black and yellow color with all the needed accessories that will help you in cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for your garages to your workshops.


This one has a 4 HP motor providing enough strength for suction that will help in cleaning your house garages to your workplaces. It has the capacity to clean both wet and dry surfaces. And has a 5-gallon capacity to store all the impurities

It comes with an extended series of accessories that include an 18 feet long hose, nozzle, a bag to store all the tools and a bag to collect dirt. This one with its strength and durability can help you clean almost every location that you want to be cleaned. And one interesting feature is that it has a warranty of 3 years which means you can work easily without any trouble.

This one is made in the USA by manufacturers that are famous for their good quality and highly durable items. This one also includes filtration bags, various sorts of nozzles and cleaners, and all that you would need to get the job done in a variety of locations.

  • Durable and good strength
  • Quite easy on the pocket
  • For both wet and dry surface
  • Issues with suction on carpet
  • Create loud noise


With the economical price that you will have to pay for this garage vacuum cleaner, it provides a good amount of features that will get most of your job done quite easily. For rough surfaces like carpets that have little remnants of dirt and other impurities hidden you need to clean with attention. Overall, it does its job greatly.

VacuMaid GV50PRO

The next one we have on the list calls itself a vacuum maid, quite literally! Made of steel this wonder machine is in steel grey color and as it is mounted on the wall and comes with a long hose, you don’t need to detach it and work around with the long hose.

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It is on the expensive side costing a bit above $300 and weighs 30 pounds. This one is perfect for all uses and purposes be it at home, your garage or even at your workplace. Its high quality could be understood because of its manufacturing company that is famous for creating good quality vacuums.


The first important feature is its 120-volt motor that will provide great strength and resilience to work in different surroundings. It is made of steel which shows that it will be of both high quality and great durability.

It has a great cleaning bag that is of the finest quality and will filter out all the impurities. It will make sure that nothing comes back out once it goes in and hence, will leave the place squeaky clean.

This one comes with a list of accessories that will aid in every way possible when it comes to cleaning. Especially the long hose of 50 feet that it has can go around your garage and till your car to clean it.

  • There’s always a customer care team to provide help in business hours if the need arises
  • Great strength and durability
  • Enhanced filtration and cleaning system
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Suction is not up to the mark


With the amount that one has to pay to get it people would want everything to be perfect. However, there are few things lacking especially the strength when it comes to suction. Hence, it may not be the perfect choice to go for.

Workshop WS0500WM

The next wall mounted vacuum cleaner that we have on the list is by Workshop. It is not as large in size as some that we have on the list. Costing a bit above $100 it’s a mid-range vacuum cleaner that can perfectly clean your garages and cars making it a good choice for residential use.

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It weighs around 23 pounds and is made of plastic hence managing it won’t be much of a hassle.


Installation is a prime concern when any machine is bought and this one says to have a quite easy installation. You can easily mount it on the wall and as it can be moved around so it is also a great portable vacuum as well.

It has bags for storing all the nozzles and hose, so you will not go through the hassle of fetching what your require while cleaning. All that you want would be right with you.

This one has two hoses that will be present in the hose storage bag. One that can extend from 2 to 7 feet with suction control. Others extend up to 14 feet. Both can be used according to the difference in need.

The filtration system is designed to maintain the filtration of both wet and dry surfaces. Moreover, the machine through its advanced system alerts about the overflowing when wet impurities are concerned.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to carry around being light weighed
  • Lies on the affordable side.
  • Might have issues in working.


Overall, this isn’t a bad choice to have for residential use. So, if you are looking for some economical choice then go for this one.

Dewalt DXV10P

Lastly we have a small and round-shaped vacuum by DeWalt. Colored black and yellow it is easy to mount and even easier to use. It is perfect for the areas where you would find both wet and dry impurities and small remnants that you want to get rid of.

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It is another one that lies in the economical range which you can get for domestic as well as commercial purposes.


It has a huge capacity of 10 gallons that can easily clean both wet and dry surfaces and can hold up without creating much mess. It has 5.5 HP which is great for suction of all the dirt and impurities without any trouble. Hence, you can get it and get rid of any tension while cleaning.

It has rubber casters that mean it can swiftly move around and will leave nothing while cleaning. The 20-inch long cord will give you assistance as it will easily move around while cleaning without power issues.

Then comes the blower which holds importance in the cleaning of the car to removing leaves and ice around your property. There’s a drain that will help in clearing up the liquid that the machine would clean up.

  • Good strength for cleaning and suction
  • Quite economical
  • Multi-Purpose machine
  • Some parts aren’t of good quality


Overall, this is actually not a bad choice despite the shortcomings it has satisfied many people. It provides enough strength to clean up your garages, car, and workshops without many hurdles. Considering that it’s on the economical side you will not have to worry about the price while getting the maximum job done.

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