Best Solar Gate Openers

Are you tired of rushing out of your car to open up the gates despite how harsh the weather is outside? Then you definitely haven’t heard of gate openers. You are living in the 21st century where every trouble has a technological solution to it. So, if you are someone that is tired of running back and forth from your car to gate in winter, rain, and scorching heat then read ahead!

Here we have compiled a total of 6  gate openers each of them is programmed and works through solar panels apart from a battery. This shows that not only are each of these is environmental oriented but these are great backups in case the light goes out as each of these has solar panels that store up energy and will have them working hours after the light is out!

So, here is the list from which you can choose. In our choice, Sentry 300 S is a good choice to have.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP

The price in beginning may scare you off being quite above than $500 but it has all the necessary units that you would need in getting it all together. It is a DIY project and a garage door opener perfect for heavier and huge gates preferably those installed in commercial areas.

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This one comes from a company that is there to solve your gate opening concerns by providing environmentally friendly solutions.


The first and foremost noticeable feature is that it can be mounted noiselessly and it is a DIY project that is designed for swing gates. The package has a complete package that includes a solar panel kit. Overall, all the components have almost twenty-four warranty when agreed by the company.

For the functioning there needs to be a 12V battery. Then there is also a separate lockable battery box that prevents acid of the battery from leaking and hence, protects against any damage.

This one is made in a way that works best for swing as well as tube gates. As mentioned before, the most important feature that it has is that it comes with almost all the item that makes it’s installation a piece of cake. There are optional accessories like keypads and remotes that you can buy as well.

  • Noiseless DC motor
  • Acid leakage protection
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Environmental friendly
  • Quite expensive
  • The battery has to be bought separately


Overall, if you are tired of manually opening your gates or using chains for that purpose this one is rather a quiet and environmentally friendly alternative that you can get. It may be more expensive than others but it surely has impeccable features and is quite easy to install.

Mighty Mule FM500

If you want something economical, something that suits up your budget and does the work of opening and closing the garage without much trouble then you have got it right here! It will cost you a bit above $500 but with the capacity of opening your gates more than two hundred times a day, it is a great investment.

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Now, you will not have to go through the hassle of opening and closing your doors every time you leave or return home. It can open gate that leads to mention, it is fully capable of huge and heavy gates. The warranty is valid for more than a year.


The first and most important thing is it is classified to be perfect for large gates. It can easily operate a gate weighing 800lbs. Hence, this can save you the problem of managing large and heavier gates.

Installation of that gate opener isn’t much of a hassle and is a little do-it-yourself project. This one is the best choice for almost all kinds of gates from tubes to chain ones.

The installation as said is quite easier mainly because the installation kit that comes along has all the necessary items for installation. Hence, you will not have to spend extra money on the installation of the device. It has an eighteen months warranty and can even be charged by a solar panel making it quite energy efficient.

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Suitable for various types of gates
  • Works on the solar panel as well.
  • Extra money has to be spent on keypads and other accessories.


With 1.5 years of warranty and easy installation, you are able to get a device that can automatically control your door. It is more economical than the one above and has various features that will aid you on a daily basis.

US Automatic Sentry 300 S

If you are looking for another automatic gate opener to open up your doors without having you come out of your cars every time you return back home then this is the one for you. However, this one is especially recognized as the gate opener that perfectly satisfies the needs of a commercial unit.

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Designed and manufactured in USA sentry 300 can be perfect for huge mansions and equally big commercial spaces. Weighing around 34 pounds this one is considered to be on the economical side as compared to others.


This gate opener has a 12V DC charging battery with two other options. It can be charged through the AC method or it can be charged through a solar panel. It also satisfies the federal rule of  30% credit with easy installation. The Sentry 300 S is said to have a solar panel that will easily operate even days after not charging from the sun.

It has just plugging option which cuts down the hassle of having wire installation and arrangement which makes it a perfect choice. The installation of this gate opener becomes quite an easer that everyone can easily do. Its efficiency has a total time of 16 seconds which is quite short and it can easily work with a quite huge amount of weight.

Further, the buyers can buy other accessories that will make it a perfect solar gate opener. One thing very important is that it has 3 years of warranty which is quite nice as compared to the above two on the list.

  • Has prominent 3 years of warranty
  • It comes with chargers and other accessories
  • Installation is quite easy
  • It is said to be quite loud


If you wanted something that provides longer life and enough feature to function the gates of your house or workplace then you have got just that!

Mighty Mule MM560

We have another gate opener by Mighty Mule which is also automatic and can be installed easily through the DIY process. This gate opener is perfect for larger gates that weigh around 850lbs. These gates are usually part of a large property or commercial space.

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Hence, this gate opener will help you secure the boundary of your large property. The device in itself weighs around 30.5 pounds which means it isn’t as heavier and will not be much of trouble while installing.


To satisfy the protection and safety standards it has dual sense technology that makes it quite up-to-date and perfect for your large estate. This one is perfect for heavy gates that open up with single swing this one can easily handle 850 pounds and 18 feet doors that are huge as compared to normal gates of small houses.

It is perfect for those who love the DIY project as it comes with all installation and instruction and even DVDs that will help and guide you in installing the gate opener. No matter what gate type you have to be it a chain or wood this one is perfect for all and it is a long term working could be assured with the soft open and soft close of the doors.

The package includes a battery of 12V and remote controls that will make operating of the device quite easier for you. However, the important reason that it has become part of our list is it is solar energy capacity. And with the addition of a solar panel, it can be quite environmentally friendly.

  • Easy installation with installation guide.
  • Perfect for different gates type
  • Includes various accessories in the kit.
  • Doesn’t have a reliable lifetime


It may not be the cheapest one on the list but it has tons of features that will protect and secure your house.

Mighty Mule MM360

After MM560 by Mighty Mule, we have MM360 another automatic gate opener which isn’t as expensive as others on the list and can be used for long list of purposes from agricultural fields to residencies. It weighs only 13 pounds and black in color.

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It also has an easy installation with the instructions that are part of it and it is perfect for medium purpose usage. It has a battery and all the needed accessories that you would need for its smooth functioning.


In less than $400 it provides a similar dual sense technology of protection and safety that makes it quite up-to-date.  Unlike the above one, this one isn’t for large industrial or huge mentions rather this one is perfect for mid-level usage. This gate opener can handle around 550 pounds and 18ft. Which is still heavier and taller than normal houses.

With 24 hours present customer care and detailed information on installation the installation of this gate opener is quite easy. It will become an interesting task for those who love the DIY project. No matter what is type of your gate be it a tube, a vinyl, or something made of wood this gate opener will open it with ease.

It has all the needed items for installation and other than that there will be an AC transformer and remote that comes with it. It needs a battery of almost 12V to run smoothly but it can also run on solar panels as well and that is why it is part of our list of best solar gate openers.

  • Perfect choice for medium-level uses
  • Easy installation on the basis of instructions
  • Comes with all necessary items.
  • It takes a long time during the function.


If you are looking for something that doesn’t leave you bankrupt and is perfect for medium purpose usage then this gate opener is an ideal choice for your estate.

E8 400MM Gate Opener

Last on the list we have another automatic gate opener that commits to being made of stainless steel. Weighing around 40 pounds it is a bit on the heavier side and comes with two different components for installation. Then the price may not be quite easy on the pocket but and may cost you a bit.

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It can easily operate around 1200 pounds and this shows that it is capable of managing heavier and taller gates. It has all the features that you need to aid you in the long run and will save you from the trouble of manually closing and opening the gates.


The first and most important feature that sets it apart s even after costing less than many it will help you carry 1200 pounds door with dual lift feature. Hence, it is perfect for extended and large industrial and agricultural purposes as well. It has a screw-driven system that is usually there to provide durability and manual satisfaction.

As the main reason why this one made it to the list is that it can be operated through solar panels. Hence, despite having AC/DC battery this one will fully function even if the power is out thanks to backup solar energy. It has a solid one year warranty.

  • Impeccable strength
  • Solar compatible
  • Works even when the power is out
  • Short lifetime
  • Works for dual swing gates only


With quite economical prices as compared to many, it provides great strength that is required to control and open dual swing gates. With great DIY installations, it is a great addition on the list and something you can easily invest in.

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