Best Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a blessing in disguise. A hero you believe you don’t need but when you get, you realize its actual worth. That is the reason that there are companies designing and upgrading garage door openers according to the needs of the customers. So, if you are someone who is willing to bring the right change in your life and need to start by installing a garage door opener so that you are saved from coming out of your car in harsh weather or want to get rid of lifting up your garage door then you are at the right page.

We have compiled up a list of some best screw drive garage door openers for you. A screw drive garage door opener or steel rail garage door opener is the one which has an enclosed rail and has both chain and belts. They are smooth in functioning and doesn’t require much maintenance. They are a perfect choice if you want a quietly running garage door opener.

In our choice, Genie Model 3042-TKH is the one that you go for if you are installing a garage door opener for the first time!

Genie 4042-TKH

Commonly referred to as SilentMax, this efficient garage door opener is one of it’s kind. In the search of best screw drive garage door opener, this one by Genie makes it to the top of the list. It is due to its due to it’s smooth and quite faster working than an average chain drive garage door opener.

Achieving good reviews from its users and customers, Genie 4042-TKH makes itself an easy to program and high-quality garage door opener with state of the art technology.


The most highlighted feature of this garage door opener is its DC motor. Where most of the garage door openers have an AC motor it’s steady and fast functioning can be best described because of having a DC motor. Then another highlighting feature of this garage door opener is that it uses a belt drive through steel rail. Which makes it more competent and fast than others. This feature is what you are actually looking for.

Safety is an important feature of a garage door opener. This one has a safety beam that will protect you and your important items. As the door will reverse back if there’s anything present in its way. With Genie 4042-TKH you don’t even have to worry about any breaking in. There are access codes that will keep on updating after every activity. This will protect your house from any forced entry.

  • Efficient DC Motor
  • Steel reinforced Belt drive
  • Good strength
  • Extremely quiet
  • Limited warranty


There are mixed reviews about this garage door opener. When compared to others offering the same features it is considered a bit economical. And it is lighter in weight and easier to handle. However, some customers did have so working issues with this device including the installation of the garage door opener.

LiftMaster 3265-267

If this is your first time installing a garage door opener then Liftmaster 3265-267 can be a good choice. With all the basic features that it has to offer it is quite easy on the pocket and therefore, is a preferred choice of many customers.

The design of this garage door opener may not be as stylish as others in the market. It has a square-shaped body that will go up on the ceiling and weighs around 21 to sounds. Which makes is a good option for domestic use.


The motor speaks the volume about its strengths, with a ½ HP motor it is quite enough for your domestic use. The powerful chain drive gives it enough strength for lifting an average garage door. The differentiating point is that it doesn’t have any rail installation. So much less hassle! There’s also a multi-function control panel that will let you control various functions of the garage door opener through the panels.

Another very important feature that the garage door opener is it has 200 watts light. A feature that will not solve your problems especially when you’ll be returning late at night. It also has PosiLock and changes the security algorithm to make sure that no forced entry occurs and saves your house against burglary. Then the safety beams ensure the door doesn’t close when any person or item is present in the way.

  • Quite economical
  • Strong chain drive system
  • Rail installation isn’t needed
  • Can be easily controlled through remote
  • Good safety and security
  • Creates noise
  • Mainly suitable for separate garages


This garage door opener may not be your prime choice. However, it is a good option for a basic start as it can help you solve a lot of your garage door issue at an economical price.

Genie 2055 Garage Door Opener

This is another name that we have on the list by Genie. In quite a reasonable price this garage door opener does provide which others might not. More importantly, the steel rail system of this garage door opener ensures high quality.

The rectangular body of the garage door opener will go up on the ceiling then there’s a pre-programmed remote, a wall panel, and more importantly LED bulbs that can easily light up your garage during late hours of the day.


The motor is an essential component of a garage door opener that tells a lot about it’s functioning. Good for those who’ll choose Genie 2055 as it has a DC motor, a rather proficient alternative to the usual options.

Then the steel rail which has a belt drive explains its smooth functioning. In contrast to the usual chain drive systems, a belt drive is quieter. This one, more importantly, is even cheaper than the rest. A DC motor and belt drive are the two important features that keep it quiet a make it perfect if you have a garage attached to your house.

Next, security and safety are the two prime concerns when it comes to any garage door opener. With Genie 2055 your worry of both the concerns is well-taken care of. It has safety beams ensuring that no hazardous situation takes place and security codes to protect the house. Further, it can link with Car2U and HomeLink make it quite a smart device that you can control from whenever and wherever you like. Then it also has lights to make sure that if you return late you don’t have to walk around in the darkness.

  • Quieter than others
  • Lighting present
  • HomeLink connection is available.
  • Ensures safety
  • Not found


Overall this product seems like a winner! It is quieter than many, has a smooth function, can link to your HomeLink, has lighting, and provide security and safety! It surely is perfect for your domestic use.

LiftMaster 3280

Liftmaster is a very well-known name when it comes to the garage door opener. And if you have been searching around for garage door opener for a while then you must have come across this name quite a lot of time.

LiftMaster 3280 is also one of its products. It might not be as sleek in looks as others but if you are looking for a garage door opener that is reliable and competent then this is the one. Here’s why:


The 0.5 HP motor makes it a perfect choice for your residential use. It can easily lift up an average garage door. Then comes the drive system, it uses a belt drive system which makes it more steady than the chain drive system and also gives it good strength.

Through internet gateway and support devices, you can easily link your garage door opener to your Homelink system. And through MyQ application you can control it through your smart devices. There are 200 watts light, a lighting system is essential for your garage which this one gives. Then it has safety beams and is protected through security lock.

  • MyQ app-enabled
  • Strong belt drive
  • Ensures Security and Safety
  • Lighting present
  • Installation is a hard work


This garage door opener does offer quite a lot of features as compared to others and is even quite easy on the pocket.

Genie Model 3042-TKH

As we approach the end of the article we have another model of Genie that you can invest in. It is another SilentMax garage door opener, the first one we had was 1200 and Genie Model 3042-TKH is SilentMax 1000.

This one is a perfect choice for your house especially if your garage is linked to your house. As the name suggests, it actually has quite a noiseless function which makes it one of the best garage door openers.


It has ¾ HP motor of DC type with 140 watts. To make it easier, the DC type motor is the main secret behind it being a silent garage door opener. Then it has steel rail with a belt drive make it one of the best screw drive garage door openers that are perfect for your house. These two features show it’s proficiency and makes it a durable garage door opener.

Safety and security are other concerning points regarding a garage door opener. For safety purposes, there are Safety-T-Beams and Geniesense, which ensures the door doesn’t close if there’s anything present. For security, the intel code system makes sure the security codes are updated on every activation so that there is no forced entry.

A Garage door opener becomes truly worth the money if it can be accessed through smart devices. Where many openers use external devices for the connection Genie Model 3042-TKH works with the Homelink and Car2U without any external help. Then comes the Multi-functional wall control, this feature not only ensures that all the functions are controlled through one panel but helps in improving security as well. It locks the door through one button which doesn’t let even remote to control it.

  • Strong and Ultra-quiet
  • Compatible toa  smart device
  • Strong steel rail
  • Ensures Safety and security
  • Need extension rail for more than 7 ft


Overall, Genie Model 3042-TKH can be considered one of the prime garage door openers on the list. It is not as expensive as other options on the list whereas it provides good quality function and is perfect for residential use.

NEXX Garage NXG-100B

Last on the list we have a product by Nexx it is the most inexpensive one on the list as it is an external device that works with your main garage door opener.  So, if you are someone who isn’t willing to buy a new garage door opener you can just invest in NEXX Garage NXG-100b and upgrade your current garage door opener to the latest requirement.

It is a small device that will not only make your life easy by making your current garage door opener a smart one but will increase the overall efficiency as well.


Firstly, as it is a supporting device then installing it is the main concern. Installing NEXX Garage NXG-100b isn’t much of a hassle. It has two sensors that are designed for WiFi and garage door opener respectively. This device will make your ordinary garage door opener a smart one. Now, you would be able to easily connect your garage door opener with your phone access from anywhere till you have internet.

Moreover, it will give you updates about any activity that will occur and if you ever forget closing you can close it as well just through the app. Then the most important feature is that you can control it through the voice command. Google and Amazon voice commands are accessible with the garage door opener and you can easily enjoy them.

Also, it can be easily accessed by more than one person. So, now you, your family, and your close friends can enter the house without must wait and struggle.

  • Connects with internet easily
  • Multi-user aids in the function
  • Sensor connection needs extra wiring


Now, that we are at the end of the list NEXX Garage NXG-100b is the best choice especially if you aren’t ready to invest in a whole new garage door opener. Not only this will improve the overall function but it will make opening and closing quite easier.

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