Best Quiet Garage Door Openers

Do you and your wife end up arguing every time you return home late? And most of them are because you woke up the kids up because of that rough noise that your garage door opener makes. Or are you the wife who wakes up from her sleep as your garage is right below your bedroom?

Then don’t worry, what you need now is a silent alternative to your current issue! Yes, you read it right there are some garage door openers that are cheaper and quieter than the one you have. By investing in them you would be able to sleep peacefully as they will not make the horrible noise to wake you up! So here are a few of those garage door openers that are of good quality and are quiet in working as well.

In our choice, Chamberlain B1831 is the winner!

Genie model 3042-TKH

The first one on our list is by Genie, it is a perfect choice for your house as it will easily adjust to your ceiling and doesn’t create much horrible noise as well. It has a smaller body as compared to others and the functioning is not only quieter but quite convenient as well. Moreover, as compared to many garage door opener it is quite economical.


With a DC type motor of 3/4 HP, it provides a quite smooth functioning as compared to the average garage door opener. The DC motor makes sure that the function of the device is quieter as compared to the AC motor. Moreover, the garage door opener uses a steel reinforced belt drive. In comparison to all the drive systems, the belt drive system with its smooth and efficient working cut down the noise.

Then there are two light bulbs that will illuminate your garage door during the night. Moreover, like any best garage door opener, it has safety beams that will ensure no accident takes place.

For security purposes, there are remotes and locks that will make sure that no forced entrance takes place. And overall the installation of the garage door opener is quite easy.

  • Easy installation
  • Economical rate
  • Compatible with HomeLink
  • Will require rail installation


Overall Genie garage door opener provides high quality and a good warranty. So, it can be perfect for your house. Moreover, it is a smart garage door opener as well that will adjust to your basic requirements while being easy on your pocket.

Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B970 may lie on an expensive side as compared to other garage door openers but if you want a queiter and smart alternative for your house then this the one that your should get. 

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It is perfect for houses with two garages or even for small commercial purposes. The design isn’t much different than others in the line. However, the functioning is quite productive than others.


Let’s discuss the motor first it has a motor of 1.25 HP, which makes it much stronger than other models. Chamberlain B970 can easily lift up to 7 ft and two garage doors at a time. You can even use it for commercial purposes as well.

Secondly, it has a belt drive which is why it has quite smooth and noiseless working. Whereas other garage door openers usually have a chain that creates the maximum noise.

Next, It can be easily linked to the MyQ application. You don’t need to buy any other device to make it smart. It is quite smart in itself. So not only it will save you from noise disturbance but will also make your life easier through app control.

Lastly,  It has a backup battery which will keep it functional even during the storm. So, you don’t have to worry about opening it when the power goes out. And the motion detection opens up the light to illuminate the garage.

  • Strong and proficient
  • Quieter working
  • MyQ app-enabled
  • Backup battery
  • Motion detection present
  • A bit expensive.


Overall, it may seem a bit expensive than others but it is one investment that will help you for quite a long time. And provides smooth and modern working for your house.

Chamberlain B730

Next in the line is also by Chamberlain, it is not much expensive as the B970 but is surely full of features that will make your life a bit easy. Chamberlain B730 is perfect for housing purposes and has similar design as other Chamberlain models.

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Its feature and functioning are smoother because of the type of motor it has and the strength it offers. This makes it the right pick for your house.


The motor is of 3/4 HP and it has a DC motor which means that in it’s functioning it is more competent than an average AC motor. Though it might not be as strong as 1.25 HP still it can live the garage door up to 7 feet and is good enough for domestic use.

Moreover, there’s a battery backup that will work great whenever the power will go out. So, the next time when the power is out you will not have to worry much about it. Your garage door opener will lift the door without any issue.

As it can be connected to HomeLink and are compatible with MyQ application. You can even control them when you aren’t at your home. So, if you ever forget shutting them you can easily close them down. 

  • Quiet system
  • Battery backup
  • Remote access available
  • Long-time warranty
  • Not for a heavier or larger gate
  • Need an internet gateway


Overall, this may not be such a prime choice as compared to the above garage door openers but it does provide all the features that you would want from a reliable garage door opener.

Chamberlain B550

Now we have Chamberlain B550 which is a much cheaper alternative to the others in the line. It is a smart and quiet garage door opener that offers quite a lot of features that you would want from your garage door opener at such an affordable price.

Chamberlain B550 has the standard chamberlain design with a wall control panel, wireless keypad, remote, and safety sensor kit.


With the motor of 1/2 HP that is perfect for domestic purposes and the type is AC. At such an economical price it is a treat to have. Then it has a belt drive system that makes it more efficient and makes it working noiselessly as compared to others. The above two features are what you would want from a quiet garage door opener and it gives you just that. Belt drives are always preferable if you want a silent working garage door opened.

As smartphone control of your garage door opener shows that it is a smart garage door opener as well, so, B550 has access to your HomeLink and you can operate it quite easily through MyQ application. At such an economical price it is a complete smart package for your house. Hence, apart from being quiet, it is a smart solution to all your garage problems.

There are safety sensors present that will save you or any item present from the accident as they auto-reverse the door if there’s any hindrance present and moreover, every click sends a new security code so you don’t have to worry about burglary.

  • Noiseless working
  • Quite economical
  • MyQ enabled
  • Safety and security system present
  • Back up battery isn’t present
  • No time-to-close feature present


Despite the above cons, its price does justify its functioning, at such a low price it offers almost all the features that any good garage door opener does. Except for the lack of back up battery you can now relax and operate your garage door opener from anywhere you like. And return home late without the worry of waking anyone up.

Sommer Direct Drive 1042V004

Apart from Chamberlain, Soomer is also a company that offers quite an economical yet great functioning garage door opener. Direct drive 1042V004 is one of its models that will suit your house perfectly especially if you are looking for a quieter alternative.

It has a square-shaped body with the rail that will go up on your ceiling. It uses a unique direct drive system, unlike various other garage door openers.


The main motor of the garage door opener is of 3/4 HP that is quite stronger as compared to other 0.5 HP motors. Furthermore, it uses a direct drive system in which the motor slides through the railing during the opening and closing of the garage door. This function makes it quieter than other alternatives.

Next, it is quite easy to install as there is a tutorial video present that will make the installation process easier for you. Moreover, it is HomeLink compatible so not only it is quiet but it is also a smart garage door opener. However, you may need an additional device to connect the internet.

  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy installation
  • Doesn’t have motion detection
  • Lacks backup battery


Overall, Direct drive 1042V004 isn’t a bad choice it may not have all that other brands offer yet through direct-drive it does cancel out a lot of noise.

Chamberlain B1381

Last on the list we again have a Chamberlain model. This one isn’t only quitter but is a smart garage door opener with tons of feature to accommodate you. Chamberlain has all the feature that others have and more.

It has quite an elegant design, a strong DC motor, and smooth working and apart from MyQ application and built-in WiFi, it can also be controlled through voice command as well. So, now with spending money on this one you can sit back and enjoy all the features it has. It surely does justify every penny spend on it.


Firstly, the motor has a strong motor of DC type which is quite efficient and noiseless as compared to the AC motor and has a lifting power of 1.25 HP. This makes it quite powerful and proficient especially for domestic use.

The drive is quite silent and strong due to the reason that it has a belt drive and the DC motor just adds the cherry to the top. Moreover, the backup battery is the feature that will keep it working even when the power is out.

The feature that makes Chamberlain B1381 stand out against other garage door openers is the lighting. This one has 100 LED system that will brighten up your garage door to the corners. Lastly, it has a built-in Wifi and supports the MyQ application. Apart from this feature you can also control it through voice command option.

  • Has a DC Motor
  • MyQ app-enabled
  • Good lighting system
  • Safety sensors
  • Subscription fees have to be paid.


Overall, it may be the last one and seems expensive considering that you will have to pay subscription fees as well. However, if you are installing a garage door opener for the first time it is a good option. You will not an additional smart device to support it.

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