Best Portable Garage Heater

Winters are approaching but are you ready for it? If not, then no worries because what you want this winter is a good heater that can warm up your place within less time. Especially if you are someone who spends their time in their garages doing do it yourself projects and working then this article is just for you.

We have a list of garage heaters that range from $100 to $500. Each packed with multiple features and safety precautions. These are certified and are designed to work in open as well as closed areas with ease. The reason being there are many accidents that are prone to accidents and hence, this one has all these precautions to fight those accidents.

Below is the list of various portable heaters, a feature that will help you move around with ease and you can use these heaters in various places according to your needs.

From the list below we have Mr. Heater as our prime choice because they are budget-friendly and full of features that will support you in the long run. Moreover, they have higher customer satisfaction.

ProTemp PT-60V-GFA-A

The first one that we have on the list is cylindrical in shape and is in a fiery red color. There is a handle on top that makes it easy to hold and move around and as it weighs a little above 10 pounds so it is not quite heavy as well. This garage heater is portable with a handle that could be moved easily around.

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You can heat up open places like garages, bran and even where you are working to keep yourself warm. This is one of the highlighting features of why this heater became part of our list.


If we talk about the physical appearance of this heater then as this is portable then there’s a handle on the top present that makes it easy to move. There’s a regulator on the side that can speed up to 3 levels. Then there’s also a knob that can help you in adjusting the angle of the heater.

Next, it emits 60,000 BTU of hot air, which is enough to warm up your garage easily. This heater promises to warm-up areas that are of 1500 sq.ft. Hence, you will not have to lock up your garage or barn this winter as it can warm the whole area easily.

This device is certified by authorities to use propane and is found to be the most reliable heater for multiple surroundings. Moreover, this one has all the necessary safety features to keep everything protected.

  • Adjustable temperature
  • Not too much expensive
  • It can be adjusted at different angles
  • It is found to be a bit louder in its working


This portable heater is a great choice if you want to keep your large area warm up. With adjustable temperature, you can easily heat up your garages and provide comfort in freezing winter nights. Despite loud noise that it creates it warms up the place quite nicely.

Cadet RCP502SCM

The next that we are a bit larger in size than the one above and has quite a traditional heater look to it. It is firstly an electrical heater and has a fan in between. With a camo look, it has an interesting appearance and can stand on the basis of its stand. However, it weighs around 30 pounds which is quite on the heavier side.

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The heater costs a bit above $400 which makes it quite an expensive heater as compared to the one above. This one is considered a nice option for both commercial purposes and home garage.


Heaters may be a great asset especially in harsh winter seasons but they can turn problematic if not used properly and can become reasons for many accidents. To counter that situation Cadet has a safety shut off which automatically turns of the heater once the device reaches a high temperature.

To control whether you want the temperature to be on the high side or lower there’s a switch that lets you control according to the need.

As it is an electrical device there’s a six feet long cord present that you can connect. Further, for convenience, there are hooks and features present that will let you hang it from the ceiling and wall as you like. Moreover, if you just want it for ventilation purposes it can actually take care of that as well through the fan present in it.

  • Long cords along with a plug for electric supply
  • Autoclose is present
  • The fan could be used for air regulation
  • A perfect heater for large and hard to warm areas
  • It is quite expensive
  • Would precisely need 20 amp outlet for electricity
  • Need installation from an electrician (Extra cost)


Despite being on the expensive side it is the best choice if you have a large garage where you spend a lot of your time. This one has the tendency to warm up the place quite easily and hence, it’s a perfect choice for places that become the Arctic in winters.

Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT

Next what we have on the list is a smaller version of large heaters that you might have in your houses. Completely white in color it has blue-purple flames that will warm up your place. It costs approx around $200.

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Which is not quite as expensive as Cadet. Weighing almost 27 pounds this one can be perfectly installed in your garage, living room and could be taken with you on camping trips as it doesn’t need any power source.


For heating your large rooms to garages this one can heat the place with 30,000 BTU. Hence, for any place of 750 square feet, you can use this heater and let it warm you up even when it’s freezing outside.

Being certified it is the one that you can trust and as it runs on gas it has an auto shut system when the oxygen will be low in your area. So, there will be less suffocation.

This one can be easily installed and mounted on the wall. Or you could let it stand based on the two stands that are present below.

It runs on natural gas which means that you can use it for open areas like large living rooms or garages. Avoid them in your rooms or bathrooms.

  • Easily portable as it needs natural gas to work
  • Automatically closes when there’s less oxygen
  • Thermostat lets you control the temperature according to need
  • Battery present for a quick start
  • Will not work at higher altitudes
  • Caution needed as it runs on gas and prone to accidents


Overall, this heater is not a bad choice as it runs on gas so it could be easily used and taken outside. However, it might stop working if you are planning to take it for hiking.

Fahrenheat FUH724

Now we have something which may not be ideal when it comes to it looks. The large handle can help you in moving it around. This one has industrial strength and can warm up your houses especially your garage in a breeze!

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You can hang them from the ceiling through the handle. This one may cost you well above $200 and weighs 31 pounds.


This one is designed to have a horizontal flow of warm air. Hence, it warms up even the coldest place quite easily. You can have it in all open and coldest places from your garages to workplaces. For smooth functioning, this one has a thermostat that lets you control the temperature according to your needs.

The hanger or handle lets you hang it easily from the ceiling above. Thus, they will not be covering a lot of space and still warm up your desired place.

This one has constant airflow that helps in cooling down the machine after the work is done. As it is made of steel this makes it more durable than many others. Hence, it works great and for a longer period of time.

  • Warms up even the coldest places quite easily
  • Blowers start working once the optimum temperature is achieved.
  • Works at different power modes/watts
  • Hangs from the ceiling easily.
  • Not for damp places as it can get rusty
  • Wirings might get defected earlier than expectations.


There are many other options that can honestly give competition to Farhenheat heater quite easily. It may help you warm up the area easily but it surely will not be the only choice.

Mr. Heater F274830

Now, we have another by Mr. heater this one is a small box-like in completely black color with the center areas a heater. Unlike the above model, this one doesn’t have flames for heating.

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It costs a bit above $100 and hence, it isn’t actually an expensive choice yet can work greatly providing all the great heating services you would want from it. This one is more of a great choice for smaller places like attached small garage and closed rooms.


If you have been looking for a heater that warms up your rooms as well as your garage and you can move it around easily then you actually have been looking for this one. It is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

It can heat up to a minimum of 4000 BTU till the maximum of 18000 BTU and can cover the area of up to 450 square feet. Hence, you can easily even take to your vacation cabin.

It has auto shut if it falls, which will protect from any accident if it comes in contact with carpets. It also shuts off when there’s a lack of oxygen. This where helps in avoiding suffocation it also inhibits the working on higher areas.

You can control the temperature through low, high, and medium levels. Hence, now you can control your indoor or outdoor temperature with ease.

  • Perfect for small places
  • Easy temperature adjustment
  • Auto shut off when there’s less oxygen
  • Wouldn’t work on higher altitudes
  • Complains about lower quality


Overall, this heater isn’t actually a bad choice. You can use it for your rooms and garages easily and it can warm them up even when it’s freezing outside. Secondly, though it will not work on higher altitude it auto shut down when there is less oxygen.

Dura Heat DFA50

In the end, we have a white cylindrical heater completely white in color by Dura Heat. This heater is another small cylinder-shaped heater that looks like a telescope. It cost almost $200 and weighs around 30 pounds.

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It is attached to a stand and has a small handpiece above which makes it a portable garage heater. It is a safe choice for homes, garages and even your working place, and construction sites. It provides warmth whenever you require it.


The first interesting feature of this heater is that it runs on different sorts of fuel. From kerosene to jet fuel it has multi-fuel functionality. And hence, you can have it functioning with absolutely anything that you have present.

One thing which makes it quite easy to use is its function of quick starting. It has only one button which can be used for turning or closing it. It has a runtime operation like those which are installed in various diesel-operated machines.

The electrical system is built with such specification that it has a protection system for the fuse. Which protects it from burning out and other defects. It has 50,000 BTU which is powerful enough to heat up around 1200 square feet. So, it is perfect for the living room to large garages.

  • Multi-fuel device
  • Quickstart option
  • Covers large areas
  • Fuse protection present
  • The fan is a bit loud
  • Because of fuel might have a smell


In the price that you will get this heater, it does provide maximum features and efficiency. Fuel used in it may be harmful to health. So, one has to be extremely careful. However, overall this heater is not a bad choice and has a good satisfaction rate.

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