Best Garage Vacuum

Once you will find independence and your own house you would realize how handling it is a real task! From your bedroom to the end of your garage everything needs to be maintained. And this requires both energy and continuous hard work! Maybe that is the reason that technologies like dishwashers, washing machines, and vacuum came into being.

Today we are discussing and piling up some of the best garage vacuums for you. However, their functioning will not be limited to your garages only. You can use some for your complete house making them a great investment as they are an all-rounder. While there will be some that can even help you with cleaning your cars.

This is the reason that the ones we have on our list are full of functions and capabilities. They can clean both wet and dry surfaces. And hence, it will save you from the unwanted hassle. Moreover, as a garage is a place that witnesses all the rugged jobs it needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. These vacuums are perfectly designed for those purposes.

Here is the list of vacuums that can be your help!

Bissell Garage Pro Vacuum

You are looking at a huge cylinder body that will mount on the wall. This black color vacuum is a multi-purpose investment that can act even as a blower. In less than, $200 you get a machine that can help you clean from dust set in your house to light ice and early fall leaves.

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So, if you are looking for something to clean up your garage and the exterior of your house then you have got it! It’s quite different from the traditional garage vacuums and here’s why:


The first and foremost feature that it is famous for is that it can actually work as a cleaner and blower. So, now your garage will not be an unpleasant site rather something which is cleaned and proper to welcome anyone any time.

This vacuum can easily help you clean both wet and dry areas. Where other cleaners might stop working it will actually do its job in a better way than others covering up all your cleaning duties.

As this one is wall mountable so you don’t have to worry about keeping and placing it. It will not take space on the floor rather by being on the wall it is easy to place without covering a place that you can use for other purposes. It has 32 feet long hose and piper that will provide easiness while cleaning you will not have to move around its body along.

  • Will take less space by being on the wall
  • Assembling is quite easy
  • Quite easy on the pocket
  • Wall mounting kit will have to be installed
  • Doesn’t come with a bag to carry the dirt
  • Can’t clean excessive dirt, leaves, or snow


Overall, this vacuum is perfect for daily to weekly uses. It might not clean an excessive amount of dust and mud but it surely can perform basic functionings.

RIDGID 50353 1610RV

Next in line, we have a vacuum that runs on a motor and provides a powerful cleaning system. It has a stainless steel body that can move around through the help of the cart. It is found to be more helpful than the one above and isn’t that expensive either. So, you can get a commercial sort of cleaning done in your garage within $200.

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It weighs around 40 pounds and with its long cord and well-established system this vacuum cleaner can do more cleaning than the one above. It is a wet/dry vacuum providing you detail cleaning, has different sorts of nozzles and filters that will be helpful in clearing the vacuum after the job is done.


The first and important thing is with its strong horsepower motor of 6.5 HP it can easily clean heavy amounts and layers of dust with ease. If you worry that the strong motor will disturb not only you but the entire neighborhood with the noise then it will not! This vacuum has a ‘scroll noise reduction’ that will omit maximum noise for you.

It has a quick-lock filtering system which is quite easy to install and remove. These filter out the dust so you can easily clean up the vacuum after the job is done! It also has a strong blowing capacity so you can carry on you cleaning up in the harsh fall season.

It comes with a storage bag to keep all the necessaries and accessories items that you will require.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • No horrible noise
  • Long cords for easy functioning
  • Will require great strength while working


All in all, this vacuum is not only stronger but is quite cheap and can do extensive cleaning. It is a perfect mix for both domestic and small commercial uses.

Armor All, AA255

In bright orange and black color weighing only 7 pounds, this one is another vacuum that we have on the list. This one is not only extremely cheap but is definitely perfect especially for small use. Costing you even less than $50 it can surely do all the pretty basic work that you would want from a garage vacuum cleaner.

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If you are someone who finds ease and high quality at economical prices then Armor is the one for you. It is a perfect small garage purpose vacuum that you can hold in held while cleaning your cars mainly. So, on Sundays, you will not have to run to a mechanic for cleaning you can do it yourself!


This one is mainly designed for cars so it comes with extensive accessories and tools that will help you in cleaning the complex interior to the simple exterior of the car with ease. Then it competes easily with the others in the list as it will convert into a blower, so you can blow clean your car as well as the leaves around during early fall!

It weighs so less that if you are moving around for a temporary basis you can easily take it with you. It is portable so will make your work much easier. The best part about this vacuum is it detects when the container of all the contamination is full. So it will shut down itself preventing from creating dirty chaos.

It has a 2HP motor that provides enough strength to stuck all dirt and even wet impurities.

  • Extremely cheap
  • Portable
  • Isn’t as heavier as others
  • Has a shorter cord


If you are looking for a vacuum for the first time and want to do little and basic functions then this will suit your requirements! It isn’t expensive and will do all the little cleaning especially your car with less hassle!

Vacmaster VBV1210

The next that we have on the list is also smaller in size and comes in a light blue color. It is a bit heavier with 20 pounds and is another combined vacuum that cleans both dry and wet particles. So you can even wash up your garage with this one around you!

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This vacuum is a great blower as well and is a great domestic technical accessory which will not only help you in cleaning leaves and mud but you can clean wet places like the swimming pool with it! This large powerful vacuum surely is a great multi-function machine that is present within $100.


As this one commits as a blower so the best part of this vacuum is that it has a detachable blower so you will not have to carry the entire thing around while cleaning snows and other items. It has a strong 5HP motor, which is quite strong considering that it is a domestic machine so you can very well do the job greatly with this machine.

This garage vacuum can hold up to 12 gallons of dirt or water, so with this large capacity, you can work around without worry and can empty it in the end with its long drain.

The suction power of the machine is also quite strong so from small dust to the hair and little particles it can wipe out any sort of contamination easily. It consists of small wheels so that you can move around easily while working as it can move without much trouble.

  • Detachable blowers
  • Has great filtering and other accessories
  • It has high-quality material
  • The storage area for the accessory is small
  • Cords aren’t longer


If you are looking for a cheap and two in one functioning i.e. blower and vacuum then you have got it right here!

Craftsman CMXEVBE17595

Next on our list is a bright red color, a hot and fiery vacuum which is quite smaller in size and doesn’t weight more than 30lbs, in fact, it is even less than that! It is another garage vacuum with a strong motor that will wipe out your house of any dirt or pollution quite easily.

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This one is also a dual-purpose vacuum so if you spilled water in your garage or inside your house. Or you decided to become a carpenter in your garage this vacuum will clean any and every dirt there is without much hassle!


The first and important feature is the strong motor of 6.5 HP which makes it perfect for uses beyond a house. It can be a part of commercial uses like guest houses and hotel rooms. As this list carry the best vacuums then this one must compete with others! Hence, you also get a blower. So apart from wiping wet surface and clearing of the dust, it can help you clean your house of all the leaves in the autumn season.

The 16-gallon drain can easily carry a large amount of dirt or wet item that you have cleaned. Hence, you can clear it in the end after your task is done. It has enough flexibility to move around easily. This feature helps in cleaning.

It has tons of accessories that will provide sufficient help in cleaning jobs as well.

  • It offers great services at an economical price
  • Quite easy to use and handle
  • Provides functions of a blower and a vacuum
  • Might seem a bit expensive
  • Might lack durability
  • Is a bit noisy


Despite these cons, there are a lot of features including a strong motor that makes it perfect for large to small scale cleaning purposes.

Bissell 2035M

In the end, we again bring you something from where we started! Apart from small and light-weighted garage vacuum we now have a shiny black with red cord vacuum that is larger in size and can be a perfect cleaner for both inside and outside of your house. This one is an auto vacuum and is perfect for both wet and dry surfaces.

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With a strong motor and accessories, this vacuum will work beyond the garage. It costs less than $150 and is an all-rounder. This means if you get this your cleaning would become quite easier for your whole house.


It has a strong 11 amp motor, which gives it enough strength to perform its cleaning function with great efficiency. Then it has a 6-gallon capacity to hold the dirt and other impurities that are cleaned. Further, the blower is also present in this vacuum which you can use both in your garage and in your house.

It has two-stage filtration which will help in its durability and you don’t need to buy a new filtration system every now and then. It has auto systems that adjust every system according to the need. The ample accessories also make the functions quite easy.

It can clean varieties of areas and textures without much trouble.

  • Powerful motor
  • Specialized kit
  • A multi-function system
  • Doesn’t have a longer life


For someone who is looking for cheaper alternatives, this vacuum by Bissell might not be a prime choice. It has quite a lot of features but there are hard things which make it stand out. However, it surely speaks for its quality and is good for domestic uses.

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