Best Garage Ceiling Fans

Working in your garage where gives you a lot of time and space to work in the piece and get jobs done. However, at times it gets a bit too exhausting and hard especially in warm weather. These days you need nothing more than a cool drink and proper ventilation and air source that can keep your garages cool up according to your needs. As garages are usually an outer part of your house you would want something that is of high quality and durable so it can run for a long time.

This is why we have compiled up a list of 6 ceiling and wall mounting fans that you can install in your garages and even in your workshops, restaurants, warehouses, and other commercial areas without much thought. These fans come from different price ranges and multiple specifications that are designed to meet the requirement of various customers.

With fair shares of pros and cons below, we have the best garage ceiling fans. In our choice, Air King 9314 is a good choice to have!

Emerson HF1160WW

The first one that we have on our list is by a brand that is famous for being innovative and creating energy-efficient fans. They are part of the business for many years and hence, are one of the famous ones when it comes to a high-quality product. With strong blades and an energy-saving system, this fan is a good choice for both indoors and outdoors, so, you can easily install it in your garages without much trouble. This one is designed is perfect for open and large rooms that have high ceilings.

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Running on 120V the motor of this fan is stronger than other ceiling fans that you will come across. This is why apart from residential areas this one can be installed in warehouses and other commercial areas.

This one has wide and 60-inch blades that promise efficiency in their performance and becomes a prime choice for industrial use. It weighs around 16 pounds and comes in traditional white color and could be controlled through regulators installed on the wall.

Apart from this, the ceiling fan has an energy-efficient motor that saves up energy and provides you with much better results. Moreover, in winter this ceiling fan can regulate the warm air that traps in the ceiling to keep the temperature regulated.

  • Good choice for domestic as well as industrial use
  • Efficiently helps in regulating the temperature in the large room
  • Installation is quite easy
  • The wall control isn’t good at regulating the temperature


Overall, this garage fan is found to be an ideal choice by many users. It satisfies all the pretty basic needs it may look a bit expensive than others but overall it is not a bad deal. There might be a temperature regulation problem but all in all this fan isn’t a bad deal to have.

Westinghouse Lighting 7861400

Are you looking for something really cheap, by cheap we mean extremely light on the pocket but can also do all the basic fan jobs that you want from it? Then what you want is basically this fan from Westinghouse. This 56-inch fan is an ideal option especially for commercial use and hence, your garage basically places for storage, car, and all the robust activities that you would want to do, hence, this one can be a perfect choice.

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It is not like traditional fans but with it looks it shows that it is very well designed for a place where things turn into a business. With a shiny surface, it has quite a technical look to it and is a good choice for large industrial areas.


For 18 to 20 feet room this garage ceiling fan is a perfect choice as it is 56 inches in height and hence, you can also install it in your garages.

It has a steel motor of 156 mm and a strong but single capacitor with blades that around 25 feet long. These qualities show that it has both strength and reliability to work efficiently.

It has a hanger installation system that will help it in getting up on the ceiling and more importantly it has a wall regulator system that controls its speed and can go up to 5.

  • Strong industrial strength
  • Quite easy on the pocket
  • Long motor warranty of around 15 years
  • It has quite a loud function
  • Isn’t good for domestic use


All in all, this garage ceiling fan isn’t a bad choice considering that it is quite economical and within $100 you get something that will solve the pretty basic needs in your workplace and will reduce the initial cost of installing fan ceilings with low price.


Are you looking for something really old school? Something different from the usual three blades ceiling fans then we have a wall-mounted fan by Oemtools. Completely dark in color made of steel it gives a quite vintage and robust look to it. Through its rotation, it can cover the maximum area while spreading the air.

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Hence, if you are looking for a fan that can cool down your garage then Oemtools wall mounted fan wouldn’t really be a bad choice. This cost a bit around $200 it may not be easy on the pocket but it surely has many features.


For any machine that you get to improve your life, you would want them to provide you with comfort rather than trouble. This wall mounting fan with easy installation gives you just that it is easy to handle and put up on the wall.

This fan produces air with such strength by rotating that it is enough to cool down an area. It moves on a 90-degree angle and covers the maximum part of your garage.

It has a 2.4-ampere motor that is responsible for its efficient working and comes with three-degree speed. Hence, you can now control it according to your liking.

The material of the fan especially the blades are made of high quality and strong material that promises both strength and durability. It weighs around 40 pounds and with its function, this one can easily be used for workplaces and warehouses.

  • Powerful oscillation enhancing its performance
  • Strong and durable
  • Complains about it life and warranty are found


Overall after the lack of life warranty, it seems a bit too much to spend almost $200 on something that will not last long. Hence, it might not be the prime choice for many.

Air King 9020

Next, we have another fan that is wall-mounted and completely black in color. This fan commits to be an air king through its brand and soon we are going to find out why? Weighing around14 pounds it isn’t as heavier as many others in the list.

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Moreover, it costs you around $150 which means it is not really cheap but it is not going to put a dent on your budget either. This one can be considered a great choice for commercial uses especially in workshops and industrial areas.


This one has blades made of metal with a length of 20 inches. All these three blades are long and strong enough to spread air around the area without much trouble.

This fan gives three speeds and runs on a motor of 1/6 HP with 120V this shows that the functioning is designed in a way that it can provide complete efficiency.

The blades of this fan are powder-coated that helps them for wearing out and provides the right amount of life to the machine. This fan has gone through various tests and has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the quality. It is ETL and OSHA compliant.

This one has three levels of speed hence, you can easily control the speed according to your requirements. It provides industrial strength with less maintenance required. The body easily rotates around to cover the maximum area and installation of the fan isn’t a hard job.

  • Good industrial strength
  • It is certified by the authority
  • It has high quality and durable blades
  • It has a limited one year warranty
  • It makes loud noise and vibrations on time


All in all, this garage fan isn’t as expensive as many others and does the pretty basic job of cooling down garages and even large industrial space.

Ceiling Fan Designers

This one is quite different from the regular fans that we have reviewed and seen until now it is perfect for indoors. So, if you have an attached garage and you want to put up a fan there without ruining much of its look then this can be a great choice. It is not as expensive as many others and will not scar your pocket.

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Whereas, with four blades instead of three it is specifically designed for the indoor environment. It is licensed by NCAA and has more than ten years of warranty.


The first feature that sets this one apart from the others on the list is the light that is attached to it. Schoolhouse style light is the design that is there to illuminate as well as brighten up your rooms. The design of this fan is different from others as it is designed and handcrafted which is why it is specifically linked with indoors. So, you can place it in your living room, bedroom, office and even in garages.

If you are someone who wants different temperatures according to timings then the three types of speed will let you adjust it accordingly. Moreover, if you want to turn and have plain blades then the good thing is the blades are reversible and you can turn them to have a completely white surface.

It has different modes for summers and winters which provides different temperatures according to the need. So, in summers you have it all cool while in winter you have warm air.

  • A good choice for indoors
  • Temperature adjustments according to weather
  • Lighting present
  • Expensive as compared to others of the same type


If you are looking for a fan that is good in its looks and can adjust in your attached garage without ruining the look of your interior then this one seems like a good choice. It may seem expensive but it does come with a good warranty.

Air King 9314

Last but not least we have another one for your garage by Air King, this one with its robust looks is a great choice for the garage, warehouses, and small industrial area. Surprisingly enough this one doesn’t cost an arm or a length.

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On the contrary within $100 you can get this fan for your business purposes and it also doesn’t weigh much. With three white blades enclosed in a black cage, it can be mounted absolutely anywhere.


The first important feature that sets it apart is its multi-mounting function. You can hang it from the ceiling or mount it on the wall. There are absolutely no constraints.

The blades are white in color with powder coated which is done to make sure that the quality of the fan is maintained and they don’t get torn out in the long run.

The motor is closed and has a good amount of lubrication for fine working and has 1/20 HP which makes sure that the fan works smoothly.

For turning it on and off and also for regulating the speed of the fan there’s a cord that can be pulled for all the functions. This one is certified by ETL and OSHA which proves that it is of high quality and can be installed in your house.

  • It has two support cables
  • The price is quite low
  • Multi-mount function
  • Not a long life
  • Might start making noise


This one is last on the list has many specifications that can fulfill your basic requirements at your workplace as well as home. It is quite economical than others and is also of good quality.

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