Best Electric Garage Heater of 240V

Winters are approaching but are you really ready for it? If you are someone who spends a great deal of their time in their garages doing work and repairing their material then working in their garages during freezing days is a problematic situation. Or, if you are someone who earns through a workshop or has a small shop so you just can’t shut them up during winters.

In these situations, you definitely need something that can warm up your garage for you to easily work in a cozy and warm environment. Therefore, as winters are here we have brought you a list of top 6 garage heaters that can help you warm up your place. Having something that runs for a long time and is easier to manage is necessary.

These garage heaters are durable and secure. They can hang from your ceiling and warm up your garages even when it is deadly freezing outside. In our opinion, the heater by Dahtec is a nice choice it isn’t as heavy on the pocket King and does a pretty good job!

Comfort Zone

The name speaks the truth, this one is surely designed to provide you with comfort. It has a sturdy steel body and weighs around 27 pounds. You can easily launch it in the air by hanging it on the ceiling and warm up your garages and indoor places in a few minutes.

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The installation may require an electrician as it also comes with wall mounting thermostats and other accessories. The whole heater will cost you around $250 but don’t consider it too expensive because this winter by buying this you are even making the places of your house or your garage which is hard to warm up completely comfortable.


This garage heater forces the heat through the fan that spreads wide around the area and will warm up your whole garage quite easily. As it is mounted on the ceiling the heat spreads throughout the area and can warm up your garage with ease.

Secondly, unlike other heaters, it will not be consuming any space at all on the floor because you will be mounting it on the ceiling. Hence, in your garage where you would need maximum space to have things organized this feature will help you in saving space.

The body and structure of the heater are made from strong steel which makes the heater a highly durable one. Hence, it may seem a bit expensive but it does bring long term value with its structure.

Lastly, controlling the temperature on the heater will not be a troublesome task. It has a knob that will let you adjust the temperature manually.

  • Saves space by mounting on the wall
  • Auto switch off when the temperature reaches extreme
  • Highly durable
  • Need to turn it on again every time the power goes out


On the whole, this garage heater will provide both comfort and warmth as the temperature will go down. Without much hassle, you can easily warm up your garage and work even when it’s freezing outside.

Dr. Infrared Heater

Next up we have the cure for your freezing days, Dr. Infrared heater is another ceiling mounted heater that is completely white in color. It will cost $300 at max, it is 13 inches in its height and weight as much as the one above.

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It provides comfort and heat quite easily. This heater is specifically designed for commercial uses with its sturdy look and durable functioning this one can be a great addition to your garage or even warehouses for this coming winter.


First of all, the heater has a net sort of covering in front of the fan that provides durability to the heater and also spread the heat in uniformity across the place. The covering has small spiral holes and is made of steel.

Secondly, the fan in the heater is on the larger size which with its force provides the heat that is sufficient to warm a small commercial site or a garage and it doesn’t make loud noises.

This heater even doesn’t require regular maintenance and its motor is covered and permanently lubricated which secures it from any sort of disturbance and damage.

There’s a built-in thermostat along with a controller that will let you manage the temperature according to the need. The temperature can be regulated from 50°-90°. There are also louvers in front of the sheath covering the fan, so you can direct the heat wherever you like.

  • No loud noises
  • 1-year warranty on parts
  • Has a built-in thermostat
  • Lacks customer satisfaction


Altogether the product seems like a great choice, however, various users found problems in its functioning. There might be a return policy but it is better to buy from a verified seller.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988

The next one we have a fiery looking bright red heater by Dr. Infrared, this one can definitely look great and warm up a small garage or a small warehouse. And as winters are approaching you can place it in your garage or small shops and let it heat the place up.

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It costs even less than the above two at max $170 and weighs even lesser only 20 pounds. It’s lightweight is another reason that it is also regarded as a portable heater and the handle above can help you in carrying it around.


This one is made of strong steel and has a fan inside covered by a spiral sheath. It’s manufactured design makes it look sturdy and durable for long term use. It is operated through the plug that has to be connected.

This heater comes with a thermostat that let the user control the temperature from 45-95 degree. This heater can easily heat up the room of 600 square feet. Moreover, there are also safety measures that shut off the device when overheat is recorded.

It is designed in a way that it can be used in multiple locations quite easily from your home garages to your workshop this sturdy heater will provide warmth.

  • It is a portable heater
  • It is lighter in weight
  • It is quite economical in range
  • Burns out if left open for long
  • Lacks warranty


In general, the heater has high customer ratings and very satisfied customers but it doesn’t have a long warranty. Moreover, be cautious of its working as it is electrically connected and has to be placed on the ground. Otherwise, it is an economical option for your garage.


On the fourth, we have a cylindrical shaped heater completely black in color. It is small, economical, and portable! You will only have to spend $140 at max to get this heater. You can move it around with the handle that it has above and it weighs only 14 pounds making it the lightest one till now.

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More importantly, if you don’t want it to consume space on the floor you can easily mount it up on the wall with ease. This is by a company that has a list of industrial machinery and it will surely aid you in the long term.


The heater is small and easier to manage. There are buttons on the heater itself for turning it on and off but there is also a remote control. Hence, this makes it easier and more convenient to control.

Secondly, if you have been tired of your previous heater being extremely noise then worry not this heater is quiet and it’s perfectly safe in its operation. This one can manage the temperature from 65-85.

If you are someone who works for longer hours or at times forgets to turn off the heater then don’t worry about safety concerns anymore. This heater will protect you against all heating issues and will automatically shut off when the heat will reach the optimal level.

This one can warm up your entire room within minutes and has quite a durable structure that will work for a long time.

  • Easier to handle and it’s portable
  • Extremely economical
  • Fast heating
  • No specific confound


It is small, it is economical, and it is easier to move around. This heater is surely the one that you have been looking for with a high customer satisfaction rate it can conveniently warm up your place.

ProFusion Heater

Similar in look as our first one we have another ceiling mounted heater with flaps that will cost you above $200 but will definitely heat up the area. It weighs around 27 pounds and is on the heavier side.

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This is a prime choice if you are looking for something that’s durable and works for long years and heats up an area completely. This heater is a perfect pick for garages, warehouses, basements, and other rough areas!


The first impressive feature is that it has a blower and can easily be mounted on the ceiling permanently and can heat up the rooms quite easily.

With this heater comes a thermostat that will let you control the temperature according to the need and for safety measure the heater shuts off as soon as it reaches the maximum heat.

Another good thing about this is, it can easily heat up the space of 1000 square feet which makes it a prime choice for garage and warehouses. As it will heat them up pretty nicely.

As it is mounted on the wall it can also be moved around and will automatically cover the whole area hence you not have to worry about the heating as it will warm your space pretty nicely.

  • Wall mounting is present
  • Auto shut off option is present
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Limited warranty


This heater may not be as appealing as others that we have seen and it doesn’t have a remote control, however, it does the heating job pretty well. So, if you are looking for something to mount on the ceiling and it does your pretty basic work of warming up then this one will do the job.

King KB2410-1-B2-ECO

Last but not least we have another ceiling mounted heater for your garage by King. This one is completely black in color and a cube-shaped heater that is almost 17 inches tall but weighs almost 40 pounds making it the heaviest on the list.

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This one on our list is quite on the expensive side by costing you well above $700. However, this heater will perfectly warm up your place for surviving harsh winters and it also offers various features that might be missing in the ones above.


This one has more developed and efficient functioning as compared to the one above. This one has the thermostat installed in it and can even work on lower wattage without ease, thus it will help you in saving the energy. The remote helps in controlling it while there is an option just to operate the fan.

For efficiently providing heat with less to no damage the metal elements are covered with copper coils and is present in the heat passageway hence, it provides the maximum result.

If you worry about accidents then worry not because this heater is configured for safety measures and will automatically shut off when the heat is reached at the maximum point.

Then the installation of this heater is quite easy and struggle free you can put it on your ceiling and even on your wall. Hence, wherever you place it will spread warmth to the entire place. Lastly, the timer option gives the flexibility of closing it down and having the fan you can use it easily in summers as well.

  • Having a fan makes it perfect for both weather
  • Easy installation
  • Easy remote control
  • Extremely expensive
  • Needs professional installation


Overall, this garage heater may warm up your whole shop or garage but it is quite on the expensive side with additional charges of calling a professional to install it. It might not be the prime choice.

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