Best Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Are you tired of your chain drive garage door opened that not only wakes your family up but even makes your neighbors furious? And are you looking for some better alternative? Then all you have to do is switch to a smooth running and high-quality drive system that will not make unnecessary noise. There are various drive system and a belt drive system is one of the quieter and productive drive systems. It doesn’t make unnecessary noise and is perfect for houses with joint garages. There are many models that have belt drive systems at different prices.

However, we have lined up some of the best and most reliable garage door openers for you that have steel rail and a belt drive. The two features that make your garage door opener strong and reliable. In our compilation, we made sure that these garage door openers are of high quality and provides smooth and noiseless functioning. Something that gives you peace rather than a headache.

In our choice from the top garage door openers, we find Chamberlain B980 a perfect choice. It might be a bit expensive but it has long term benefits.

Liftmaster 8355

Who hasn’t heard the name of Liftmaster, in the world of garage door opener it is one of the most prominent names that have rightfully made its place. Thus, the first one that we have on the list is the Liftmaster 8355. It is a prime example of a high-quality functioning appliance that comes at quite an affordable price.

It might not have one of the artistic designs, however, this makes up for the list of features that it provides. It comes with a multi-function control panel that helps in improving security, a remote control that will save you from moving around much, and also has a light bulb.


The first and very important feature of this garage door opener is its belt drive which has gotten it on our list in the first place. The belt drive system as we know reduces the issue of maintenance and also is far smoother in their function as compared to the regular chain drive.

Then comes the motor which determines the strength of the garage door opener. This one has a motor of 0.5 HP with a specialized garage door opener. This makes it a perfect choice for residential use and an average residential gate made of aluminum.

Next, come whether it is able to connect to the internet and this one does. Which makes Liftmaster 8355 an excellent choice as to if you often forget closing your door then you can now easily access it through the application. Moreover, it will alert you about activities so you can keep a check.

  • Provides with a safe and secure environment
  • Time-to-close and the auto-close feature is present
  • It also has a lighting option.
  • Doesn’t have a backup battery
  • Requires internet gateway


In the price that it comes, it does provide more than just basic functions. With an additional internet gateway, you can have a garage door opener which will be more than perfect!

Liftmaster 3280

The next in the line is also by Liftmaster, Liftmaster 3280 is also equipped with remarkable features that are there to aid you in a better way. This garage door opener is a bit expensive than the last one but it does have a list of features that justify its price.

The design of this garage door opener is quite similar to the previous ones in line, the same box structured motor, then there is a belt drive which led it to our list, a remote control, motion isolation system, and light bulbs are the main parts of its package.


The feature that made it to our list is the presence of a belt drive that shows and favors its smooth and proficient working. Then there is the motor which is of 1/2 HP similar to the last one. These two features make it a perfect choice for houses even those which have attached garages. The fact that this garage door opener has a motion isolation system shows that it will isolate extra vibration and noise. So, if you have avoided garage door opener till now because that makes noise then this should be your choice.

Next, it has automated light which will open automatically as soon as you will enter so you don’t have to worry about late-night returns anymore. Safety and security are important parts of a garage door opener and it caters to both the need through safety beams and patent Posi-lock. This shows that they are perfect for houses.

Lastly, it has MyQ app-enabled so you can use it easily from even outside your house.

  • A true smart garage door opener
  • Automated lights
  • Remote control present
  • Installation demands work


Overall, this garage door opener isn’t a bad deal, for your house, it will provide both safety and security with good access through the app and smooth working through the belt drive.

Chamberlain B730

Next, we come on Chamberlain B730, for those of you who don’t know that Chamberlain and Liftmaster are both sister companies so no wonder that both are experts in garage door openers. The B730 model of Chamberlain is full of many impeccable features that you will find out soon.

It has a similar oblong and rectangular body that is the signature design of Chamberlain.  It is one of the premium products and is famous as an ultra-quiet garage door opener. It comes with remotes, wireless keypad, and control panel.


The most important feature because of which it has been famous as an ultra-quiet garage door opener is the presence of a belt drive. It has a powerful belt drive with a steel covered rail that promises durability and noiseless feature. Then unlike the other two above it has a lifting power of 0.75 HP and the motor type is DC which makes it far stronger, quiet and reliable than other motors. So you cannot only use for domestic purposes but it can very easily be used for small commercial use as well.

Another very important feature that it has is the backup battery. Now, not many companies provide that especially in the price range in which you are getting Chamberlain b730. Hence, it is quite an amazing catch. The timer-to-close option and automated lights are another important part of its feature. As it will close down even when you forget to and can welcome you even after midnight.

  • Stronger and efficient than others
  • Ultra-quiet
  • No app-enabled


It really doesn’t matter if it is not as smart as others because it still provides that others miss out hence, it makes itself a reliable garage door opener.

Chamberlain B550

If you are someone who isn’t willing to spend too much money or are budget conscious but also need something that is strong and reliable then B550 should be your choice. It is not as expensive as other and with maximum features will fulfill your basic requirements.

Like other models of Chamberlain, it has quite a similar design. The same rectangular body like others goes up on the ceiling and as it’s on our list it has a similar steel rail belt drive. Apart from it, there is a wall control, safety sensors, remote and keypad included.


As belt drive is the common feature that will be discussed throughout this article we’ll focus on some more features that Chamberlain B550 has to offer. For the starters, it has a ½ HP motor, strong enough to lift up an average 7 ft gate. It might need an extension for gates larger than this. It is strong enough for daily domestic use.

A garage door openers become a real deal-breaker when it is internet enabled. This one despite being on the economical side has built-in Wifi which makes controlling a piece of cake now! Apart from safety sensors and security locks that are also present in many other garage door openers and are capable of the MyQ app it has a great range for its remote.

  • Extremely quiet
  • Strong belt drive
  • Safety and security enabled
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Doesn’t have back up battery
  • Shorter life warranty


If a backup battery isn’t your prime concern then Chamberlain B550 is a perfect choice. Considering that this model has almost all the features that an average garage door opener has and will be a great belt drive garage door opener.

Genie Model 3042-TKH

In the list full of Chamberlain and LiftMaster we now have a new name that will capture your attention with its impeccable features. As written in one of our previous articles it is famously known as Silentmax.

The reason behind this name is its highly durable belt drive system which runs through a steel rail. A quality that makes it noiseless and will make it a perfect choice for your house. As compared to other brands the design is quite different and modest.


The presence of a strong 0.75 HP DC motor, this feature in itself cuts down most of the noise which AC motor creates. As compared to a belt drive garage door opener with an AC motor this one is quieter and has smooth functioning. Another apparent feature that captivates the users is its fast working. You’ll not have to wait for minutes before your garage door opens. Genie Model 3042-TKH opens the doors withing few seconds.

Like many other garage door openers also has safety beams that reverse back the door in case of anything present in the way. But this feature is powered up in this garage door opener as it also alerts the users in case of any malfunctioning. Lastly, it has a place for 2 100 watt bulbs that will have to be bought separately and it has motion detection that will light up these bulbs.

  • Good security and Safety system
  • Strong and quiet motor
  • Identifies technical issues
  • Need to buy bulb separately


It may not be as famous as others but Genie Model 3042-TKH is truly a remarkable product. Especially with its super quiet features, it is perfect for domestic use.

Chamberlain B980

We’ll end this article with another model of Chamberlain. This one promises to be strong and compatible with smartphones. Something that everyone wants from their garage door opener in this era.

If we discuss the design it may not have a very artistic design but it surely speaks for its work. It comes with the MyQ control panel, remote control, keypad, and mounting system.


This garage door opener while being last on the list is definitely one of the best and rightly justifies its price. It has the highest HP of 1.25 which means that it’s not only perfect for houses but will even work fine with small commercial areas. One of the best features apart from high quality and strong belt drive its security. It has increased and modified the security system. It has time to close with a secure lock system. That will keep your property protected.

It has MyQ compatibility that will make it favorite of many people but apart from that it also has a backup battery which many doesn’t have. This feature is the best as it will keep your garage door working even when there’s no power. It has smooth control through remote with great range and a modified security system with Posi-Lock. The safety sensors are also a plus.

  • Ultra-quiet DC Motor
  • Time to close feature present
  • MyQ compatible
  • Backup battery
  • A bit expensive


In all honesty, the price that you will have to pay for this garage door opener is justified by its high quality and reliable functioning. It is quiet, durable, smart, and far more secure than many others. Installing it is one time yet great investment.

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