Liftmaster 8355 Review ( Best-Selling )

Liftmaster 8355 review

The Liftmaster 8355 is arguably the best-rated garage door opener available in the market. This particular device is powerful enough that it can lift the door effortlessly making opening and closing smooth for you.

Unlike other garage door openers, the Liftmaster 8355 doesn’t require you to give it a hand while lifting the heavy door. It’s powerful, automatic, and has received tons of positive customer reviews on Amazon.

Let’s take a quick look at this premium garage door opener.

  • Features a One 3-Button remote control
  • Has Multi-Function control panel
  • Comes with a garage door opener head
  • Comes with safety reversing sensors for additional safety
  • Affordable price tag ( Check Price Here )


Liftmaster 8355 Review

Here’s also a detailed review about Liftmaster 8355 which is one of the premium garage door openers by the country. After you get to know don’t wait and go buy it right away!

Many customers speak about the quality and installation of this garage door opener that makes it a great pick.


The design of the motor of this garage door opener is quite similar to various others. It is oval-shaped and a wide body which also makes it quite easy to install. Along with it comes a belt drive that makes it different from the regular chain driven garage door openers. The most prominent thing is it weighs around three pounds which makes it quite easier to handle.

The MyQ logo on the body describes that it has built-in wifi which will only aid in the functioning of the whole device. More than that, it also has lights on two sides that are 100 watts each. There’s also a control panel that you can install. Further, it also has a remote control with three keys making it suitable for a house with one garage.

Apart from the physical designs let’s get to know about the features that set it apart.


Let’s move on to some highlighting feature, first of all, the motor which is of AC type and has a power of 1/2 horsepower. Which as compare to stronger one isn’t much stronger, however, it is strong enough for residential uses. If you are someone who has a small house or one with one garage then investing in Liftmaster 8355 is not a bad idea. Next, there is a belt drive; this is one of the most highlighted features. Now, you don’t have to worry about the extra loud noise that will wake you up or the entire neighborhood. Neither will you have to worry while returning back last as a belt drive will work smoothly without creating much noise. There’s also a vibration isolation system that stops the voice.

Another highlighted feature is that it has built-in connectivity with Wifi. This makes it a suitable and quite favorable option if you aim to make your house a smart house. You can also install the MyQ application which is adaptable and can operate the device from anywhere you like. Moreover, there are both security and safety sensors that are perfect to guard your house. A security sensor will not let any intruders enter. Whereas, safety sensors will detect any object or person in the way of the door which will not the door close. These features protect from different accidents. Lastly, there are also lights present which is a bonus during the dark time which will illuminate the garage. With having Posi-lock, lights, internet, 2.0+ security Liftmaster is your best bet to have a smart house.

To round up the features above let’s have a roundup of all the technical features that are present:

Technical Features:

  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Belt drive 
  • 200 Watts light/ 100 W each.
  • MyQ app equipped
  • The motor is AC Type
  • Motor Vibration System is present
  • 2.0+ Security
  • Posi-lock device

These are the technical features that are hard to get in many other garage door openers. So what are you waiting for you need to buy this garage door opener now! Further, we have some pros and cons that you need to check out!

This garage door opener is an efficient device for your garage especially when you don’t want to deal with the chore of getting out of car and pushing the door up yourself, Also get help from those who have already bought this device for better good.

  • Reliable belt drive
  • Good for small houses
  • Good security system
  • Lighting available
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Not suitable for commercial use.


Overall, Liftmaster 8355 is one of the garage door openers that you can invest in without much thought. It is not only affordable but one of the best choices as it provides smooth and good functioning through a belt drive. This one is the best option if you are aiming to build a smart house. As without much disturbance, you would be able to control your garage door from anywhere till you have internet. Go and buy this now!

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Do you have a garage? If yes then you may face the problem of closing and open the door whenever you come home or go out? It is time for you to search heavy-duty garage door openers and choose the best.

The market is full of garage door openers that use state of the art technologies. One of the brands among many is the Liftmaster.

It is an excellent brand, and the company manufactures some of the most reliable garage door motors.

The liftmaster garage door openers series is a great choice for your garage doors. Here is a detailed review of the Liftmaster 8355. Make sure that you read this Liftmaster 8355 review to get an in-depth analysis of the product.

Design and features of Liftmaster 8355

Have you ever seen a car door opener? The working and mechanism of the garage door opener are almost the same. The Liftmaster 8355 is a great option for your garage doors. It has a unique design that makes it easy to install. Installation may require some expertise, but you can install it if you have the necessary expertise. You may follow the instructions on the Liftmaster 8355 manual to install it. The unit weighs 3 pounds only. The less weight makes it portable and easy to use. You can use the unit in the garage door openers. The motor on this model is also great. It is an AC Motor. The AC Motor provides more power as compared to the DC motors.

So, if you are looking for a garage door opener that uses AC power, 8355 by Liftmaster is a great choice. Although the horsepower is ½ HP, it is more than enough to lift the door. The motor provides great power and reliability as compared to many other brands with similar HP. There are many brands that have 1/3 HP, but that is not sufficient for large doors. It is why this model is reliable as compared to many others. This motor will also provide less wear and tear to the garage door. If you use this unit for a month, you will notice that there are no signs of wear and tear around the motor. It is why we recommend this model for your garage doors. It is why we know that this is one of the best garage door opener on the market.

One of the main features of this model that we like is the Belt drive mechanism. The Liftmaster model 8355 uses the belt drive to lift the garage doors. The reason we like this mechanism is that it operates quietly. This mechanism also allows you to use it without any hassle. You will require less maintenance of the motor or the unit. This unit has safe and strong belts to lift the doors. So, you do not have to worry about the working of this unit. As long as you use the unit for opening medium-sized deluxe garage doors, it will work great. It is not a good idea to use this model on heavy doors.

Technical Specifications

  • Security + 2.0 for added security
  • Drive system: MY Q ® Belt drive technology
  • Motor Vibration System
  • Remote controlled garage lock
  • Power: ½ HP
  • Weight: 3 pounds


  • There are many advantages that you will get with this garage door opener. There are many features that are useful and make it the most reliable and best Belt Drive Garage Door Opener.
  • You will like the security feature of this unit. Are you looking to secure the garage door opener and want to ensure that only you open it? The 855 Liftmaster offers excellent security features. It uses the latest Security + 2.0. With this feature, you can now change the code of the garage door lock with a single click. It is a great addition to the unit.
  • This door opener also has a lighting feature. It means that you can now control the lights of your home with the help of the remote control. You can now easily turn on and off the lights using this unit. To do that you will have to install the official MY Q ® mobile app on your Smartphone. Another great thing about this model is the notifications. When you use this app, you will get notifications through email or text which tells you the status of your garage door and home lighting.
  • This unit also has a WiFi app control feature. It means that you can now sit back and use your WiFi connection to control the garage door. Another feature that you will look for is the time to close the garage door. You will be glad to know that this unit is capable of closing the door by setting the timer. It is why this door opener is easy to use and manage.
  • It works on a tri-band frequency. It means that you will never get signal disruption. It is reliable and works fine. The Wi-Fi range is also good. You will not find it difficult to use this unit and control it. The remote control uses Liftmaster 8355 Homelink. It is the state of the art remote control which allows you to use it without any hassle. Well, if you do not like to use the remote control you can always use your smartphones to control the garage door and lights. The company offers a lifetime motor warranty, a five-year warranty for the belts and one year for the parts.


  • As the unit uses AC Motor, the only disadvantage that you will have is it may be a bit noisy.

Final Verdict of Liftmaster 8355 Review

Make sure that you read a few Liftmaster 8355 reviews. You will then know that the Liftmaster 8355 is a reliable Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. You should consider buying this door opener as it has the latest technology and also some exciting features. You can control the door and lights using a Chamberlain garage door opener remote or the Smartphone. It has great Horse Power which enables you to lift doors easily. The price is also quite less as compared to many other models.

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